5 steps to publicize a business on Twitter

Today, businesses exist through social media. If a company, large or small, does not have a presence in the networks, it will hardly be recognized. Twitter is a social network that can be managed anywhere in the world. The platform is microblogging since it can publish messages of a maximum of 280 characters, known as tweets. In addition to this, the only edges to consider will be typical of the networks and the web that are used in each town where this application is intended to be used. Even on Twitter there are ways to get advertising without investing money in it , as indicated by Gananci.

Only in 2013 was Twitter already widely accepted by the world and its use was so high that it began to be considered a suitable tool to develop in the world of marketing. In the first place, its incidence occurred in the United States, but many other countries gradually added up. Meanwhile, professionals in that area continued to see the benefits of the application in brand launches and at the same time how they could maintain it.

Currently, when technology has invaded the lives of all people even more, Twitter has facilitated their growth, since it has allowed that in very short periods of time and through the convenience of making use of the network, any amount of business, without differentiating who is doing it or what the brand is about. On the contrary, it accepts anyone who wants to start in the market. However, to make it easier and to do it the right way, here are five steps on how to publicize your brand on this microblogging network.

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1. Have control of the publications

To what you decide to start a page on Twitter, you have to be aware that things in the account will probably change, it is no longer just about your regular posts, but now everything will be aimed at an audience. Possibly there are many people who come to you, so you should take care not to make any mistakes.

The most frequent of them is wanting to attract too much attention by publishing excessively at all hours. Certainly the account must be in operation, but it must be moderate and proportional to the content, so 20 tweets cannot be used to say the same thing, which could be said at most in five of them grouped in a thread.

2. Provide sources for your comments

Although you can talk about what you want and write what is related to the topic and even get out of it from time to time, it is recommended that you try on some occasions to justify your brand and product with some images, phrases, theoretical content, among others. This will justify and attract more attention than you sell.

Links, opinions, testimonials of professionals that endorse the brand or any other element in frank relation to it may be included. In addition, they can be in images, videos, writings, infographics, gifs and countless formats attached to the tweet. The idea is that the user can notice that it is something serious so that they can be even more interested.

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3. Interact

Interaction with other influencers, both from the network and from the market itself, is frequently recommended. It is certainly an excellent option to promote and gain more followers. However, user interaction is also considered necessary, as this will be the main winning strategy.

If there are no bridges with the users who consume the brand, it is very difficult for you to acquire more or for those who have to stay. We must remember that it is not only about including more, but also maintaining those that already exist. It would only take a couple of hours a day to respond to some tweets, comments, mentions and to be able to follow related accounts.

4. Use visual material

Although many are interested in reading good content, this does not mean that visual material should not be included. In fact, it would be a mistake not to, since even those people like to refresh their knowledge with other types of material that is not written. Equally informative materials such as infographics, video presentations and many others can be included. All this constitutes an innovative strategy to attract clients .

5. Add hashtags

In order to have greater reach in networks like Twitter, it is important to move in the same field as this. In this network, you must use the methods of it, which in this case is none other than the hashtag or tag. This is a mechanism implemented to improve the connection and allow more interaction between people who, although they do not know each other, may be interested in the same topic.

A hashtag is a phrase preceded by a numeral that groups all the people who are tweeting about that matter. For this reason, if you make use of them, you will be able to find people who are attracted to your post and pages, which can help you gather customers quickly.


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