How to create a business that attracts attention?

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to materializing a business is getting clients. For this you need to build on creativity. And as if it were a biological process such as oogenesis , growing and maturing the best ideas to achieve a successful marketing strategy.

Large companies are very clear about this and when they launch a new campaign or product, they have endless resources to maximize their marketing. In this sense, they make a significant investment that, according to their analysts, will return in abundance.

On the other hand, when you have or start a small company or business you don’t have enough money to launch mega-campaigns, but you need to have ideas on hand that allow you to attract the attention of potential customers.

The most important ones are:

  1. Local location

This is one of the fundamental points since the location of the company or business will determine the attraction of the clientele. You know that there are places that have a much greater circulation of people than others and you should aim for those.

  1. Corporate image

You must bear in mind that a good image reflects the quality of the product and will represent the identity of your brand. The same as the decoration and furniture should enhance the image of what you sell, harmonizing with the image you have chosen of the brand.

  1. Differentiation

Physically designing your business through an attractive interior and facade design makes customers seduced to enter.

It is convenient that the entrance hints at the interior so that those who pass through the door are tempted to enter. It is also recommended that the access be to the right, since most people walk unconsciously on that side.

This way you make sure that when they pass in front of the premises they see it and feel motivated to enter. Another important factor is lighting, which can influence the mood of the public.

  1. Mount a showcase or showcase that attracts attention

The showcase or stained glass is your cover letter, so updating it is essential. Here you need originality and imagination to make it stand out and attract all potential customers.

A stained glass window must have three essential qualities:

  • be attractive to the eye
  • be current
  • have good prices

It is also convenient that the products that are exhibited are related.

Both in the stained glass window and in the interior, color plays a fundamental role. It is known that if you want to draw attention to something new, the indicated ones are yellow and red.

Sky blue combined with pink usually attracts women and men, red with greenish yellow.

  1. Include good offers

This is a way to motivate the customer to make a purchase that was not planned. For this you must use what are called “hot zones” of the establishment, which are the central corridor and the cash line.

Also, the offers can be very attractive if they are placed next to more expensive items and they help you to sell products that have little outlet.

  1. Have a clear communication strategy

To advertise your business or company you don’t need big budgets. You can do it through Facebook or specific Internet platforms.

The important thing is to have a clear, consistent and unique message that turns your company or business into a real and valuable brand. This can be achieved through keywords, and a visual and aesthetic language that identifies your products.


by Abdullah Sam
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