Part time or part time work is working in a workplace, organization or company, where the time spent working is no longer than full time or full time work. For example, when full time employees work 40 hours per week, part time employees work less than 40 hours per week. For example, one part time employee will not work for 8-9 hours per day, but only 3-5 hours per day. Therefore, part time employees only work for 15-25 hours per week.


Although the amount of work time is different from full time employees, it all depends on the type of profession. In this case, if the part-time employee’s profession requires him to work until night, then the employee might have to work more than 5 hours per day.


Why Does Part Time Work Much Better for Some People?

Some people are far more suitable for working part time or part time. Of course, this choice was chosen for several valid reasons. For example, someone finds it very difficult to get a full time job. Moreover, finding a job in this day and age is very difficult, the competition is getting tougher and the skills requested are increasingly diverse.


Others reasoned because they had no choice but to work part time. Yep! maybe because they have other priorities that also cannot be abandoned. Like, taking care of children, managing a side business, still continuing education and so forth. There is even a fact that one website that houses part time jobs reports that people are more interested in part time jobs than being freelancers.


Hmm, this looks very interesting part time job. Based on the data we got from fool dot com, there are 5 main reasons that are very good to consider about why part time work is much better and more fun than a full time job or a freelancer. So, if your fellow reader is choosing between a full time or part time job offer, maybe the five reasons below can be all of your fellow readers’ reference material. Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. I Still Have an Education Bench.

The first reason why part time work is far more tempting than other types of work is because we are still attending school, for example we are still in college and are pursuing a D3, S1 or other degree. This choice was made because fellow readers felt they could not sacrifice the time that had been set to attend class, work on group assignments, and other obligations set by the university.


On the other hand, fellow readers really need work experience and additional income to help finance lectures and other basic needs. Taking part time jobs is also considered to be able to finalize our work skills, before later it’s time we will graduate and work full time.


2. I Still Feel Unsure of Career Goals.

“I guess it’s good to work as a tax consultant or accountant, huh?” or “Am I better to be a teacher or work in a private company, which is more suitable for me?” Each of us must have been stuck with career choices. The difference is, there are some people who have finally settled on their choices and some others are still trapped by the choices that are in sight.


If we feel we are still unsure of future career goals, then trying to work part time is a very brilliant idea. If your fellow readers have two career choices that may both be your career goals , try to work part time in these two areas. After trying to work part time in these two fields, fellow readers can draw conclusions and decisions about which field is preferred.


3. I Still Don’t Want to Spend Too Much Time.

This third reason can support part time job choices as a wise choice. For example, I am a mother who still has to care for spouses and children, so I don’t want to spend too much time in the office. The second example, I am a child who has parents who really need my presence to care for him, so I can’t leave him for a long time. On the one hand, income is still needed by everyone, so working part time is a wise idea in this situation. Not only that, still doing work for several hours a week can also provide positive emotional health benefits for our body and mind.


4. I Want to Prepare for Full Time Work.

Working part time or part time can also be used as a “warm up process” or self training before we actually become full time employees. Working part time is good as a process of self-training, especially when we have never had any work experience. In addition, the work experience we have after part time work will be very useful to be included in our work resumes.


5. I am Almost Retired.

Some people still have high morale , even though they are elderly and are nearing retirement. However, it is unfortunate if the skills and abilities they have are no longer contributed. Therefore, working part time is a good solution for this condition.


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