5 Functions of Manuscripts in Philology in General

In general, philology has the aim to express some of the results of thought, experience, and also culture that existed in the past or the past. Philology itself can be understood as a science that studies the works of the past by examining the contents of the written text in it so that an ancient culture can be understood, including the advantages and disadvantages of written communication .

With the philology can be found a variety of classical values, and also an effort to preserve and introduce past culture in today’s society. One object of research from philology is the manuscript.

Manuscripts in philology are written by hand, which contain both text and series of words which are readings with certain contents, both original handwriting and copies.

Many ancient manuscripts left by ancestors and studied for later preserved, this is also included in the scope of basic cultural sciences in communication . So what are the functions of the manuscript in philology itself? here are 5 manuscript functions that are part of philology that you need to know.

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  1. Facilitate philological research

As explained previously that philology is the study of past works, where the two types of objects studied are the text and the text. With the past manuscripts, the way the work of philological research can be easier because there are objects studied, and also can use qualitative research paradigm methods . For this reason, manuscripts function significantly in philological research.

  1. Proof of past work

As one of the objects of philological research, it is clear that the manuscript in philology has a function as evidence of past works. Without a script it will be difficult to examine the work of ancestors in the past. Therefore, ancient or ancient manuscripts will usually be preserved and preserved.

  1. Contains a philosophy of past life

Apart from being a proof of past works, texts in philology also function as life stories or philosophies of life of the predecessors. Where usually will contain thoughts, feelings, ideas, to the ideas of ancestors written by hand.

Usually in a text will also contain certain messages in it which relate to philosophy of life. With the manuscripts examined in this philology, then past lives or ancestors’ lives can be studied.

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  1. Become a learning for life today

Manuscripts contain a philosophy of ancestral life, where there are thoughts, feelings, ideas, barriers to written communication , as well as ideas that are researched and preserved, and certainly will also benefit today’s life. Where the elements or messages in it that are valuable in being applied in today’s life for the better.

  1. Expanding languages ​​or scripts

The function of the text in the last philology is that it can be used to expand language or characters. Why is that? Because in a text that acts as an object in philological research is usually written with the scripts that developed and used at that time.

Also note that in addition to language as a communication tool , there are also various types of scripts used such as the Javanese script, Latin script, Arabic script, and so forth. For this reason, the existence of philological research in ancient manuscripts can increase or expand the language and characters that exist in the development of people’s lives.

That is the function of 5 manuscripts in philology, which can be concluded that ancient manuscripts play an active role or function in the development of human life and the preservation of past works. Hopefully the information above can be useful.


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