5 Ethics of Receiving Guests in the Office

It is common for an office to be visited by guests. If you are one of the people working in the office, who happens to be visited by one or several guests, then it is mandatory for you to receive the guest properly.

Yes, when you receive guests in the office, there are separate rules or ethics that must be observed. As an office employee, you must know about the ethics of receiving guests in the office.

The purpose of the application of the ethics of guest reception is to create a pleasant atmosphere in the work environment, as well as so that guests feel comfortable and have a good impression when working with your office.

This of course also applies if where you are visiting other parties’ offices. You certainly want to be able to get good treatment from the host, right? So the same thing is, if there are coworkers visiting your office, then you also need to pay attention to matters relating to ethics.

So, so that guests can be impressed with the welcome you give, then some ethics to receive guests in the office that you need to pay attention and apply, include:

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1. Greet Guest sincerely

Giving a sincere welcome to guests is a pretty important ethic. Your guests will be able to feel if your greeting is not sincere. For that, consider the following points so that your speech feels more sincere:

  • Welcome guests with friendly, polite and full of enthusiasm and sincerely. It is important for you to get rid of all pretense, because guests can generally find out if you are only pretending to be sincere. So, give a genuinely sincere welcome.
  • If you are in a closed room, then immediately move to open the door for your guests. Do or greet as soon as possible to indicate that you respect or appreciate guests who come to visit.
  • Receiving guests in a sitting condition is not wrong. But a more polite ethic is better if you receive guests while standing, greeting and shaking hands at the beginning of the meeting.

2. How to Sit Right for Guests

You must provide a comfortable seat for your guests. If in the office there is a special room to receive guests, then immediately invite your guest to go to the living room and invite guests to sit.

If you are in a chair or long sofa, then invite guests to sit on the right. After the guest sits, then you can ask the identity and purpose of the guest arrival.

3. Note the Appointment

See if there are any appointments made by the guest. If an appointment has been made and you already know the identity of the guest, then you no longer need to ask the guest identity.

If so, it would be better if you show that you have been waiting for the guest and invite them directly into the room you are going to.

If your position is a secretary or assistant leader, you should contact the leader first before inviting guests in and ask if the leader is ready to receive guests.

If guests are required to wait a little while and you have some work to do while guests wait, then convey to guests with a good and polite expression.

4. Give a Good Treatment

Always treat guests well. In fact, if the guest is misdirected or comes only to file a complaint or objection against your company.

In addition, if guests are required to wait, then if conditions permit, give guests treats, which can be coffee, snacks, or magazines.

5. How to take guests

The ethics of receiving guests in the office that is no less important is about how you take guests, when he wants to go home. Give a good impression to the guest by always thanking the guest who came because he has visited your office. If possible, deliver the guest to the exit

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