Why am I not receiving the Telegram verification code

There are more and more instant messaging applications that you find in the Play Store of your smartphone. Telegram, without much marketing , has managed to stand up to other apps like WhatsApp.

Through functions such as being able to listen to audios while checking other chats . Like any other application, drawbacks can arise. The most typical example is that when the account is activated, the Telegram code does not arrive on the mobile phone or email.

This is a problem that occurs frequently, not only in this one, but in all messaging applications, both for Android and iOS. And although many may believe that it is due to an error in the app, the reality is very different and here we explain why the message does not arrive.

Why am I not receiving the TELEGRAM VERIFICATION CODE and how to receive it?

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  1. What is the verification code for in Telegram?
  2. Why am I not receiving the Telegram verification code?
    1. Problems with telephone signal
    2. Invalid phone number
    3. Has been asked to resend the code many times
    4. Request a phone call
    5. Wait a while before requesting a code resend
  3. How to receive my Telegram code by Gmail?
  4. Is it possible to regain access to my Telegram account without the verification code?
    1. How to do it?
  5. How to receive the Telegram code by call?
  6. Steps to recover a Telegram account with text messages
  7. The growth of Telegram
    1. Functions and features
    2. Availability to download
    3. How to create an account on Telegram?
  8. Do you already have your verification code?

What is the verification code for in Telegram?

First of all, it must be made clear that this code is divided into two types or functions: the first is to activate the account or enter it and the second is to activate two-step security.

In any case, both use the message or email (email) to send the digits to your mobile phone or through the internet. This is the only function they fulfill, you won’t be able to do anything else about the rest.

Why am I not receiving the Telegram verification code?

You don’t have to believe that bad luck is with you! If it happens to you that the Telegram code does not arrive , this is common for many users. In case you or someone you know is going through this situation, we will shortly provide you with some tips for those situations where you have said “I don’t receive the SMS on the phone” to activate Telegram.

Problems with telephone signal

The main reason why the Telegram code does not arrive is because of the same internet connection. Many tend to think that it is due to platform errors, but the reality is that this is unlikely. In fact, this happens in most applications under the same circumstances.

Of course, if you are connected to a WiFi network, you should verify that it is stable. It may be that, due to not having internet, the request has not been made and that is why the message or SMS with the code has not reached you.

On the other hand, you should check that your operator’s signal is working as it should. Perhaps the operator is having problems or you are in a place with poor coverage and the mobile phone service is being affected.

Invalid phone number

Another common reason may be a mistake in the phone number you entered . It is possible that you made an error when entering the phone number. So you’ll need to do a quick check from your own phone or computer.

You should also know that if your device does not have coverage or airplane mode is active. If so, it will be unlikely that the verify code will arrive.

Has been asked to resend the code many times

When presented with this problem, we can face the following question: is this the first time we have registered in applications like Telegram?

It happens that, due to carelessness, we do not remember having logged in. This causes the user to send multiple requests. When this happens, the server collapses in a certain way and no SMS reaches your Android phone.

Request a phone call

Now that we know what failures could have affected the sending of the code, we can continue with one of the features that stands out the most in Telegram, and that is its calling option .

Wait a while before requesting a code resend

It is fair to wait a short period of time before requesting a resend of the code. It is recommended that you wait about 5 or 10 minutes before proceeding to make another request, either via email or text message. If I don’t receive any response, make a call or wait a few more hours.

How to receive my Telegram code by Gmail?

Many times the fastest option is by SMS, but email becomes another means if we have forgotten the password when starting the Telegram section.

Next, we will require to apply our password. If you don’t remember it, select the “Forgot your password” option. By doing so, a code will be sent to our email. You may need to check “spam” if you can’t find it.

In this way, once we already have the code we can apply it and in this way finally enter our account successfully. Of course you will have to have access to your email.

Is it possible to regain access to my Telegram account without the verification code?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t received the Telegram code yet, you’ll have to keep trying. Since, it is unlikely to link your phone number without said code .

Another of the available Telegram options is the verify code through a phone call . Sometimes text messages take a while to arrive. Opting for a call may be more effective.

How to do it?

This method of solving the verification is done in a simple way by following the following guidelines: A moment after requesting the code by SMS you will be presented with the alternative of “I did not receive the code.” When you do this, a link will be visible and that is where you must press to receive the expected phone call in which you will be offered the code.

How to receive the Telegram code by call?

The first thing you should know is that these calls are available from version 3.18 of the App . If the message or email with the code to activate Telegram does not arrive, you can go to the upper right part of the chat of the person you want to call. While there, press the three points that appear to choose “Call” and wait for the operator to answer you.

Calls on Telegram have their advantages, since they use less data and are constantly learning through artificial intelligence. This greatly reduces situations in which an email or message does not arrive. Although if you have the session open on the computer, a chat will appear with this information that you need for the phone.

If you are still in the “I am not receiving the code” position, try another phone number. If everything goes well, then it should be the line you have on your device.

Steps to recover a Telegram account with text messages

Before we knew how to recover our account through email using a computer, well, if it didn’t work as you expected with that method, surely using a text message will make it easier for you.

As a first step, we incorporate the number with which we registered. After that, we will wait for a code of at least five digits to arrive by SMS . By entering them where indicated, the application will instantly take us to our account, having detected the email.

You will see several ways in which you can recover an account and even the solutions to have our Telegram verification code vary, so that the Telegram code does not arrive will not happen again. This is always taking into account that the application does it in the safest way, taking our data and privacy primarily.

The growth of Telegram

This platform was developed by two Russian brothers. Nikolai and Pável Dúrov, former employees of the VK platform, together with former co-workers, are responsible. All the people involved made the launch of this application possible in 2013.

Functions and features

In recent times, after WhatsApp’s controversial new privacy policies , Telegram took advantage of the occasion and showed off its benefits. Its main quality has to do with privacy.

Messages sent through this platform are protected. Likewise, they have personalized configuration tools for user privacy. For example, it is possible to use Telegram and no one can see your phone number.

Telegram is an extraordinary application to share with friends and family . Its dynamism allows you to play from a chat or group of friends with the best games, among other fantastic functions.

Availability to download

Telegram is available on all existing platforms . On the phone, it is possible to download Telegram on devices, both Android and iOS. While, on computers, it is possible to obtain the application or use its web version.

Using Telegram on your computer requires that you already have an active account for this application. Since, to log in, you need to scan a QR code. Once scanned, you will not be logged out.

How to create an account on Telegram?

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, it is time to learn how to use it. Creating a Telegram account is a fairly simple procedure . If you have already used WhatsApp, you will notice that the process is not very different from other applications. Of course, the chats will be somewhat different.

You just need to provide information about your phone number and enter the verification code. Once your account is validated, you configure your profile and everything will be ready to enjoy Telegram.

Do you already have your verification code?

Regardless of the means by which you receive the verification code , there is less time left for you to enjoy Telegram, take advantage of wonderful and fun conversations.

Telegram already exceeds 500 million users! It contributes to the figure continuing to rise. You can invite someone in a Telegram group and take full advantage of its features.


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