5 destructive characteristics of Ahab

Bible says that King Ahab was worse than all the kings who came before him in Israel! He did many wrong things and was punished by God. Ahab was an example of how a leader should not be. We must avoid Ahab’s mistakes.

King Ahab was:

1. Idolater

Ahab was not afraid of God. He worshiped the false gods of his wife, Jezebel, and built temples for them. Only God deserves worship but Ahab ignored God’s commandments and sought protection from useless idols ( 1 Kings 21: 25-26 ). Furthermore, he promoted idolatry across the country!

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2. Religious of occasion

King Ahab was only religious when it suited him. When followers of the false god Baal had influence, he worshiped Baal, but when Elijah defeated and killed all of Baal’s prophets, Ahab did nothing to stop him. Ahab followed God’s orders to defeat the king of Syria but when he won, he rejected God’s warnings.

3. Spoiled

Everything had to be the way Ahab wanted it. If he didn’t get what he wanted, he would get angry and even throw a tantrum! Once, Ahab wanted to buy the vineyard from a man named Naboth, who was his neighbor, to plant a vegetable garden. But Naboth refused to sell his vineyard, which belonged to his family. Because of this, Ahab lay on the bed in a state of dismay ( 1 Kings 21: 3-4 ).

Jezebel scolded him for such a childish attitude. Ahab was so spoiled and selfish that he had no remorse when Jezebel ordered Naboth to be killed on false charges and confiscated his vineyard. He rejoiced, because he had achieved what he wanted!

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4. Disobedient to God

Ahab was an Israelite and knew the commandments of God but had no respect for them . Against God’s commandments, he committed idolatry, married an idolatrous foreign woman, was an accomplice in murder and persecution of God’s prophets ( 1 Kings 16: 30-32 ). Ahab also spared an enemy whose death God had commanded and even arrested a prophet who warned him of the danger of going to war!

5. Enemy of men of God

Several prophets of God rebuked Ahab for his sins and warned him of the coming punishment. Instead of hearing the rebuke and repenting, Ahab was angry with the prophets and persecuted them , along with his wife. King Ahab even considered the prophet Elijah to be a public enemy, which threatened the kingdom! – 1 Kings 18: 16-18

The results

Ahab had inherited a prosperous kingdom from his father and, for a time, enjoyed that prosperity. But in the end, God punished Ahab for all his sins. In a battle a random arrow shot at Ahab and he lost a lot of blood and died. As had been prophesied, the dogs licked Ahab’s blood in the same place where they licked Naboth’s blood ( 1 Kings 22: 37-38 ). Ahab’s sons went on their bad ways and all were killed. Ahab thought that sin didn’t matter but sin ended up destroying his entire family!

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