5 best MagSafe accessories for iPhone

From covers to credit card holders, from wireless charger to car holder: here are the best MagSafe accessories to match your iPhone 12.

All iPhone 12 , from the smallest  iPhone 12 Mini to the gigantic iPhone 12 Pro Max and perhaps the future iPhone 13 , integrate a magnet under the body, known as MagSafe . The brand is certainly not new: the Cupertino giant had already used it for the MacBook power supplies with magnetic coupling a few years ago, then replaced by the USB-C port starting from 2016. MagSafe technology then returned in 2020 with a different connotation.

Put simply, the magnet placed under the body of the iPhone 12 is used to quickly and more securely hook the wireless chargers . Right from the start, however, it became clear that this technology was about to open the doors to a new series of accessories: from the covers to the credit card holder, from the wireless charger to the car holder .

In this guide, we have selected the 5 best MagSafe accessories to pair with an iPhone .

MagSafe: how it works and compatible iPhones

MagSafe technology uses a series of magnets positioned around the smartphone charging coil capable of detecting compatible accessories and magnetically attaching them. If you are wondering if other magnets may interfere with the functionality of the iPhone or stick like a coin with a magnet, do not worry,  l to MagSafe MagSafe technology only works with compatible accessories .

IPhone 12 lineup

The iPhones 12 support wireless charging, so you can also charge them on other wireless chargers equipped with Qi technology, but at a slower speed than the MagSafe wireless charger. Your iPhone 12 will charge at a rate of 15W if you use a MagSafe charger , while the speed will drop to 7.5W if you use another type of wireless charger.

MagSafe technology was first introduced on the iPhone 12, so previous iPhones aren’t compatible, while the  next iPhone 13 should be.

Difference between “Made for MagSafe” and “MagSafe Compatible”

If you have already begun your search for MagSafe accessories, you have surely come across these two words: Made for MagSafe and MagSafe Compatible or Compatible with MagSafe. The difference is substantial.

In the first case, the products integrate Apple’s official technology and have been optimized for iPhone 12. By purchasing a Made for MagSafe wireless charger, for example, the charging speed will be 15W, for example, most products are Belkin.

In the second case, however, the products do not integrate the official MagSafe technology, but are compatible respecting the necessary standards. By purchasing a Compatible MagSafe wireless charger, for example, the charging speed will be 7.5W.

The best MagSafe accessories

Now let’s move on to our selection of the best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 . As said earlier, the main accessory is still the wireless charger (you can learn here the topic of wireless charging), but the types are so many.

Belkin BoostCharge Pro: wireless charging base

Belkin has worked closely with Apple to integrate official MagSafe technology into its products. BoostCharge Pro is the wireless charging base on which you can charge at maximum speed (15W) not only the iPhone 12, but also the Apple Watch and the AirPods wireless earphones. It is available in two versions: 2-in-1 for iPhone and AirPods and the 3-in-1 which also includes support for the smartwatch , obviously, the price changes: 99 euros for the first and 149 euros for the second. The design is minimal and can be combined with any type of furniture.

Apple leather wallet

The best guarantee of compatibility is clearly given by Apple accessories, among which we find the MagSafe Wallet , a leather wallet characterized by a refined design, in full Apple style. It can hold up to three credit cards and has a coating that adds RFID shielding to prevent the cards from demagnetizing. It can be applied directly to the body of the iPhone or to the compatible cover that we will see shortly and is available in the Baltic Blue, California Sun, Tan and Black colors . It is not very functional but it is the ideal object for those who pay attention to the smallest details.

Protective cover

Like any other smartphone, iPhones also have their own protective covers. The MagSafe covers not only protect the iPhone, but do not conflict with wireless charging, which means that if you need to recharge your iPhone 12 wirelessly, you will not have to remove the cover , but simply place it on the charging base. There are many types and many colors: those from Apple (in silicone or leather) or those of third parties, you just have to choose the one you like best.

Belkin Pro with MagSafe: Car Mount

It’s a simple car holder featuring official MagSafe technology. Just place your iPhone 12 and that’s it: magnets will hold it firmly despite having no grip to hold it tight. Like most car mounts, the Belkin Pro fits into the car’s air vents , can be rotated for portrait or landscape viewing, and is compatible with MagSafe cases.

MagSafe Power Adapter

It is the must-have MagSafe accessory , it is the wireless charger that hooks magnetically to the iPhone 12. The charging speed, as mentioned, is 15 W, the charging disc must clearly be connected to the electrical outlet or a powerbank via the USB-C cable, it is also compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard and can be used to charge compatible models (from iPhone 8 onwards) and AirPods with wireless charging case, with the only difference that there will be no docking magnetic.


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