5 best Apple Watch apps

Are you looking for the best Apple Watch apps ? Here is a detailed list of the best Apple Watch apps you absolutely must have on your digital watch.

Technology has always fascinated everyone and in many cases some brands or products become iconic to the point of becoming an irresistible desire. In this framework we can place without a shadow of a doubt the Apple company, the global giant of Tech and manufacturer of technologies that are always at the forefront and desired by everyone.

You will surely have noticed that Apple is not only MacBook or iPhone but has many other beautiful products to always carry with you; among these is the Apple Watch , the smartwatch produced by Apple able to combine convenience and smart operations.

Today we will try to take a look at the best Apple Watch apps of the moment and so that you can start the applications as quickly as possible we recommend that you also take a look at the article Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch also with mask .


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How to install apps on Apple Watch

Not everyone knows that other applications besides the default ones can be installed on their Apple Watch. The advantage lies not only in being able to take advantage of additional features, but also in being able to better customize your electronic device according to the needs of the moment.

Before analyzing the most interesting applications you need to try, let’s take a look at how you can download and then install them.

To download the applications to be installed on the Apple Watch you necessarily need to access the official App Store . If you have already paired your iPhone with your account, the procedure is very simple, but if you have never had an Apple device you will need to create a profile with the Apple .

To create an account, simply go to the official page and enter your registration details. Go to the Manage Your Apple ID page and create a new profile. Once the registration procedure and the creation of a personal profile have been completed, we can take a look at how to download the applications from the iOS App Store .

Unlock the smartphone with the code or with the touch ID, and then choose the one from the official App Store in the icon drawer. Once the application is open you will have to enter the data with which you signed up on the official website and you will be officially ready to buy and try the applications.

At the bottom of the page, select the App for Apple Watch category , or search the main bar for the name of the application that we will recommend later. Once you have found the one that is right for you, just click on it and choose the Get option that you will find next to the software name. At this point, by pressing on Install and authorizing the iPhone to accept the login credentials of the App Store, this will automatically install the chosen application on your Apple Watch.

How to download WhatsApp apps on Apple Watch

Apps installed on iPhone are also present on Apple Watch by default. The only exception is the WhatsApp app which does not yet have a specific Apple Watch app. The solution is to apply the duplication of iPhone alerts on Apple Watch, let’s see how.

Connect your Apple Watch to iPhone. Install on the latter, if you have not already done so, the WhatsApp app from the App Store.

Once the installation phase is complete, activate the duplication of notifications on Apple Watch. To do so, the App Watch on iOS, select Notifications> Duplicate iPhone alerts from , and move the lever relative to WhatsApp to ON .

By doing so, you can receive WhatsApp notifications on the Apple Watch and respond with a microphone, typing or emoji.

Another valid alternative to have the WhatsApp app on your Apple digital watch is to use the WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp app . This is an unofficial app that allows you to have the WhatsApp client on Apple Watch. To use it, you need to install it on your iPhone and start it on Apple Watch by scanning the QR Code, as is the case with WhatsApp Web.

Best Apple Watch Apps to Install

Now that you are prepared to download and install Apple’s beloved applications, it’s time to make some memory space to try the ones we have selected for you, let’s see the best by category.

We are sure that if you have an Apple Watch you are a fan of these portable smart devices. After consulting the next paragraphs, we recommend that you also read the related article the Best Smartwatches , we are sure that you will find interesting solutions that can give your Apple Watch a hard time.

Sports Apple Watch applications

Fitness or simply tracking your sleep and daily steps is essential to avoid becoming sedentary and lazy. For this reason, applications dedicated to sports and self-care can be useful.

Sleep ++ : the quality of sleep is essential to have a healthy life and above all to always be perky during the day. In many cases, you may not notice that you have poor sleep and a dedicated application can be an excellent solution. With Sleep ++ you can monitor the hours you slept and the overall quality of sleep.

Water Reminder : how many minutes have you not been drinking water? We know the answer is not positive and for this reason we recommend this application. It calculates the water you need and monitors your body hydration.

Autosleep : Another application to analyze sleep, but with excellent additional functions if you want extremely accurate results. It costs around five euros but if you need better software than watchOS, this is great.

Apple Watch Web Applications

Browsing the Internet often features malware and weird sites that you should stay away from, which is why we want to recommend two applications that work great on your Apple Watch and are unlikely to leave you disappointed.

Telegram : if you have read other articles on our site you will know very well how useful this application can be. Fast and functional communication could eliminate the dead times of the day.

Facebook : I know that you are thinking that you do not want to install the well-known icon with a large all blue effe, but think of Facebook Messenger and how useful it can be to communicate with your friends.

Microsoft Outlook is the famous e-mail service of the Redmond company also available for Apple Watch. You can use it for free both with an Outlook account and with those of other mail services.

Apple Watch Applications Utilities

You will have bought a smartwatch not only for its beauty, but also for its convenience, right? To highlight this feature you can install applications that speed up the most tedious operations, let’s see the ones we have chosen for you.

iTranslate : Anyone with an Apple Watch should install this application. Lightweight and super functional, it will help you translate any sentence into the language you want in seconds. If you travel a lot it is a must have. You can find it both free and paid with additional options.

Draft : if the notepad seems ancient to you, you can focus on this versatile app that synchronizes your Apple devices; take notes and notes in just one tap.

Planny : if you want to have a different day, this application will advise you on the best activities to follow. This is also free, but you can implement it with in-app purchases usually around six euros.

Apple Watch applications Audio / video playback

Do you want to deprive yourself of the smart component on your Apple Watch? I don’t think so, but to do this you need programs that are well optimized and guarantee maximum responsiveness during use on the move.

VLC : Every smartphone or Apple Watch should have a media player like VLC. Lightning-fast and lightweight, it allows you to play files of different formats directly from your wrist.

Spotify : if you are a subscriber to the famous music application you can also install it on your Apple Watch. Compatibility is complete and you won’t need a new account if you already have an active one.

Shazam : if you use the smartwatch mainly when you are out and about, you may have heard a good song but do not remember the title . With Shazam you will be able to show the title and the singer on the screen in an instant. A must have if music is an important component of your daily life.

Apple Watch Applications Work

Are you always at work and time is essential to earn? Then you can help you with applications that optimize your time and make you catch your breath in stressful moments. Let’s see those selected for you today.

WPSOffice : a perfect suite to have with you on your wrist to manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations quickly and concretely and to view documents for your work.

Horus : if the agenda is not your strong point, you need a program that takes the place of it in a smart way. This app allows you to manage your time and your activities with great ease by adding intuitive and beautiful graphics.

Controls : thanks to this software from your Apple Watch you can automate some actions and thus reduce downtime in the day. We advise you to inform yourself well about the features in order to make the most of their potential and adapt it to your needs.

More Apple Watch apps

Google Maps : This is a free version for Apple Watch and offers over 220 countries and territories on a map with highlights of places and activities. You can use it on your digital watch to receive real-time information on traffic, transport and much more.

ANSA : are you looking for news in real time? The ANSA app for Apple Watch is free and convenient for getting news, photos and videos in real time.

Moovit : Want to know the timetable for a bus, train or metro? This app will help you get around by public transport in your city.

TuneIn : If you love listening to the radio, you can stream over 110,000 radio stations and radio networks with this Apple Watch app. All for free or with in-app purchases at the base price of € 5.49.

1Password : Perfect if you want to keep your passwords safe, but also your credit cards or sensitive information. You can download it for free, but you have to subscribe at the price of 3.99 euros per month.

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