4 key points for a successful business

What really defines a successful business? I’ve talked about this before but I want to talk about it again because I get questions about it so often. So what does it take for a successful business? I give you 4 key points for a successful business today.

What does successful mean?

First of all, I want to quickly say that what success means to you is up to you. If you are satisfied then you are successful. What others think should not matter much. Your goal looks one way or the other and it does not mean that one of us is worse than the other. You do you!

Successful company

I see it as there are four key points that keep a company going. It does not matter what the company does. The same goes for everyone. Each entrepreneur enters what the content of the four key points is, but they are all very good to have in a business plan. Of course, there are more components to add, but I think with these four you will go a long way. I recently wrote a post about 6 success factors that I live by in my life. They can also be applied here.

The four key points are:

  1. Red thread
  2. Clear structure
  3. Clear communication
  4. Heart & joy

4 key points for a successful business

Let me go through all of them a little clearer.

Red thread

It is important that your business has a common thread. It should run through everything. What you do. What you sell. What you convey. Everything should have the same basis. It makes it easier to answer questions and get into sales meetings. You can not be confused if the common thread is clear. So stick to your area, your niche, in everything you do and everything you talk about externally and also within the business.

Clear structure

The wisest thing you can do is put your structure early in your business. It will change and refine but try to have a template for how you work and do things. It gives you security and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed or overworked. A structure can include how to write emails, start your day, meeting days, sales strategies and start and end time of the working day. You can develop a structure for every detail of your business, but above all for what is often recurring.

Clear communication

This point goes back to both key points above. If you have a common thread and a clear structure for your company, your communication will be simplified both internally and externally. Say nothing but what actually applies. Be straightforward and clear. Of course you can have a personal tone if you want, but stick to the common thread. This way, misunderstandings will not arise and you will not end up in situations where you need to explain yourself.

Heart & joy

Running a business is very much about yourself, even if you can hide behind a company name and a logo. You’re still driving it. You are a person with feelings, opinions and thoughts. They are you. Show that part of your communication and show your vulnerability. Running a business is not about everything being perfect. We all make mistakes and there is nothing to say that the mistakes cannot be passed on to others. Run the company with your heart and be humble. Listen to others. And have fun. Please make sure you have fun. Do what gives you joy and it will be easier to get bored as well


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