4 Employee HR Training and Development Methods

In the free market era, companies are demanded to be more competitive. Competition between companies is increasing and challenging. Therefore, it is also very important to improve the overall performance of a company. One important part of a company that determines its quality is HR or Human Resources.

HR in a company is required to be more professional at work. Employees should have broad insights so they have the ability to reliably predict an action that must take precedence and actions that can be postponed at work, so the results can be maximized.

To get this HR development, education and training are needed. Education and training of human resources for employees are activities to maintain and improve the ability of employees to work.

The HR training and development program also aims to improve the discipline and responsibility of each employee at work. This education and training is an effort to improve the attitudes, abilities, expertise, knowledge, and specific behavior related to work, so that they can be better prepared when they have to compete in the market.

To choose the right method of training and human resource development, it must also be done by using certain measures appropriately. That is, HR training material presented, objectives to be achieved, training participants and also facilities provided must be designed appropriately.

There are many HR training and development methods that can be chosen and used. Each of these training methods also has its own specificity and effectiveness in achieving certain targets.

There are several HR or employee development methods that are commonly used in companies. Namely, on the job training, internships, simulations, and job rotations . The following is the explanation.

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1. On The Job Training

The on the job training method is an employee training program that is able to provide higher motivation for participants to practice and learn. In this method, the training participants will be placed in the actual work place and situation. So, if a participant makes a mistake, then it can directly affect the company.

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2. Internship

An internship is a form of training method that requires participants to take part in a series of activities carried out by certain position stakeholders. In these activities, participants must learn about how to do an activity.

3. Simulation

Simulation is a form of method that is carried out by using tools or machines in environmental conditions that are made in accordance with or equal to the conditions of the actual work situation.

Tools, machinery and environmental conditions made are imitations of the actual conditions. That is, such as training given to a prospective pilot, then made a simulation using an aircraft cockpit simulator.

The purpose of this simulation is so that the trainees can be more familiar and well-informed about the actual working conditions. Typically, this simulator method is used for forms of human resource training that require special expertise in the use of certain tools. However, if you directly use the original tool, it is feared quite dangerous.

4. Job Rotation

In the job rotation method , the training participants and HR development will be moved periodically from a certain position or work unit to another position or work unit. That way, the trainees can get a thorough knowledge of a company.


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