3 Things how to be a Resourceful Human

I am sure that everyone has experienced failure in their life and this time I would like to talk about failing in a task that you did either in planning, in sales, or in a project you did. Often times financial problems, time, energy, or skills are the reasons for failure. I don’t have enough time, I have no connections, no opportunities for me, or the funds I need are not sufficient, among other reasons.

Not because of resources but because it is not resourceful

Be it financial, time, energy, skills or connections as well as several other things, these are all resources . This is often the reason for the failure that seems to justify us that it is natural for me to fail. If we only depend on what we have, then there are a myriad of reasons that will lead us to failure. For those like this, it is only natural that they run aground halfway.

Trying to relate to the current situation, there may be several conditions that occur for various reasons. Why is the restaurant closed? Naturally, no one wants to eat there anymore. Why is the clothing store closing? Naturally, who is going to shop for clothes these days? Why did the travel agent stop operating? Yes, naturally, who wants to travel ? Indeed, during our 3 months of existence during this pandemic, we can see that many have had to close. Several businesses are still running smoothly, such as businesses related to health, medical equipment, basic food, entertainment, online training.

However, I would like to discuss that it is actually not a problem of resources so that someone fails, but how in fact they are not resourceful enough to be able to maintain their survival.

Resourceful Human is the Problem Solver

Resourceful literally means a lot of resourcefulness and has the same meaning as the words gifted, creative, and intelligent. Then the opposite is unimaginative. Meanwhile, resourceful humans are people who have lots of resources or ideas, and have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. In other words, he is a problem solver .

I want to underline that those who are included in human resourcefulness in various conditions have managed to survive. There are several startups that have boldly made changes to their products and services during this pandemic and have an impact on the growing business they are engaged in. Not to mention if we observe the current social media life which is full of a lot of content produced by creators , whatever its form. From fad to actually making money. It’s so busy.

So for those who are resourceful , this pandemic condition has actually brought positive things in various aspects, including how business people have made breakthroughs in the last few months. It turns out that those who are resourceful can turn existing problems into opportunities for growth.

Being a resourceful human during difficult times will be very beneficial. Not only for business people, but for those of you who want to get out of your comfort zone, you can do it.

If at this time, you are still working from home and you are not a resourceful person , then it is certain that your days will be very boring and you will be unproductive. Or if you have now started working from an office with a myriad of protocols that must be followed, then if those who are not resourceful enough are certain, they will not be above average.

Three Things to be a Resourceful Human

Times are different. If you don’t decide to be a resourceful person , then be prepared to fall behind, to be eliminated, to be oppressed. Vice versa, if all employees of an organization, a company is human resourceful , then it is certain that the company or organization will survive and even continue to grow, because a resourceful person will be very adaptive to the changes.

There are many ways to be resourceful and three of these can help you during this time:

  1. Open minded

– They will be open to all opportunities, suggestions, ideas, and do not want to be in the comfort zone.

– Those who are creative and think outside the box

For this, it does not depend at all on existing resources . Does not depend on situations and conditions.

  1. Adaptiveand improvise

Adapting must be accompanied by improvisation, a creativity that will make it progress. A javelin sheet from Kenya, Julius Yego is known as “Mr. Youtube ”. He does not have the resources to become a successful athlete, because of his limitations. He doesn’t have a coach, he doesn’t have a club to train in, but he’s not out of his mind. He goes to the internet cafe several times a week to see all the techniques of throwing a javelin from youtube which he will practice the next day and so on. Apart from that he continued to improvise. After several years of practicing with this method, in 2011 he started winning the championship in Africa until in 2015 he became world champion.

  1. Persistence

Everything you do without persistence, will not work. Have a strong desire and do it with persistence and don’t give up easily.


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