4 things that God knows about every human being (Psalm 139)

There is absolutely no one on this earth who knows us better than God, not even ourselves. The almighty God is a personal and close God who is interested in the details that are part of our lives. This is a recurring truth in Psalm 139.

God knows us even before we are born and his presence has been with us ever since . Let’s meditate on 4 specific things that God knows about us mentioned in that Psalm. Let us thank him not only because he knows us but because he also loves us and longs to be our friend, take care of us and guide us forever.

1. God knows us in the most intimate

Lord, you examine me, you know me. You know when I sit down and when I get up; Even from a distance you read my thoughts. You know my bustle and breaks; all my ways are familiar to you. The word has not yet reached my tongue when you, Lord, already know it all. Your protection surrounds me completely; You cover me with the palm of your hand. Such wonderful knowledge is beyond my comprehension; It is so sublime that I cannot understand it.
(Psalm 139:1-6)

The psalmist David tells us about a personal God who is interested in everything related to his children . God knows from the most trivial to the deepest and most secret of our lives. We see that he knows when we sit down and when we get up, the daily hustle and bustle that overwhelms us and our rest time. He also knows the depth of our thoughts and words, even before we say them.

God also knows what happens in our heart, the intention that is before we express something. He knows what happens during that process in which we analyze and filter what is prudent to say and what is not. Humans hear our words, but God knows the intent of the heart.

And precisely because he knows our inner truth, he has decided to lay his hand on us. He knows well that we need his guidance, his loving touch, and his protection. As the loving Father that he is, he cares for us and guides us with tenderness so that we speak, act and live in a way that is pleasing to him.

Thank you, Lord, for your care and your love!

2. God knows our struggles

Where could I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?
If I went up to heaven, there you are; if I spread my bed at the bottom of the abyss, you are there too.
If I rose on the wings of the dawn, or settled on the ends of the sea, even there your hand would guide me, your right hand would support me! And if I said: «Let the darkness hide me; let the light become night around me”, nor the darkness would be dark for you, and even the night would be clear as the day. Darkness is the same to you as light!
(Psalm 139:7-12)

There are times in life when we wish we were totally alone. Whether due to a problem or a situation that overwhelms us, we seek to get away from everything and everyone. But God is omnipresent, no matter how hard we try, we cannot hide from his presence. Wherever we go, whatever time it is, he is with us. He knows all our frustrations and struggles and does not leave us abandoned: he is always with us .

We see that God knows everything because he is everywhere. There is no space in the entire universe that can escape his presence. How can we imagine that we, mere human beings, can hide from him or hide the reality of our circumstances from him? He knows everything, he sees everything and he is always ready to accompany us, help us, guide us and hold us with his hand. Will we allow it?

3. God knows how our body was formed

You created my entrails; you formed me in my mother’s womb.
(Psalm 139:13)

I praise you because I am an admirable creation! Your works are wonderful, and this I know very well! My bones were not unknown to you when in the deepest recesses I was formed, when in the depths of the earth I was interwoven. Your eyes saw my body in gestation: everything was already written in your book; all my days were being designed, although not a single one of them existed. How precious, O God, are your thoughts to me! How vast is the sum of them! If I set out to count them, they would add up to more than grains of sand. And, if I finished doing it, I would still be by your side.
(Psalm 139:14-18)

What a wonderful description of how and since when God has known us! He knows us since before we were born! He shaped our body with every little detail. We are his most special creation, we were made in his image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-27).

When we think of the billions of people in this world and how unique each one of them is, we can’t help but be amazed at the awesome creativity of our God. If we add to it the great complexity of the human body (bones, veins, internal organs, etc.), our amazement must be even greater. We are definitely admirable creation!

Much more impressive is the fact that God has known us since before anyone knew we existed. With his fingers of love, he formed us, each cell and each part of our body… He greatly esteems each human being , has great mercy and kindness towards everyone and a special purpose for which each one has been created ( Psalm 138:8).

Let us not underestimate the work of the Lord. Let us value our life and that of all others: born and unborn, children, adults or the elderly. Let us learn to see God’s special design in each person from the moment of conception to the moment of his natural death.

4. God knows our emotions

Oh God, if you took the lives of the wicked! If bloodthirsty people would turn away from me, those who maliciously defame you and who rebel against you in vain! Lord, do I not hate those who hate you, and abhor those who reject you? The hatred I have for them is an implacable hatred; I count them among my enemies! Search me, O God, and search my heart; Test me and probe my thoughts. See if I go astray, and guide me on the eternal path.
(Psalm 139:19-24)

The psalmist expresses very strong emotions before God, frustrations that were within his being. He speaks them calmly with God as he feels them because he knows that God already knows them. There is nothing hidden from God! God knows our emotions and God is fair. We can place before him everything that we do not understand and consider unfair in this life, waiting for him to act with his justice and in his time.

But in addition to expressing what he feels, David asks God to examine his heart and his thoughts. He didn’t want those feelings to reign over him. He longed for God’s direction in all areas of his life, including his emotions.

David knew that he, as a human being, was imperfect and could make mistakes. He shows great wisdom in asking God to examine his feelings and his thoughts. He also shows humility by acknowledging that God is the only one who can clearly show him what is wrong and guide him on the path that leads to eternity.

Let us seek God with fervor . Let him examine the depths of our being and lead us on his way, the eternal way.


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