3 important lessons Lucas teaches us

ucas is best known for the books he wrote. God inspired him to write two books of the Bible. We don’t know much about his life but we can learn three very valuable lessons from Lucas:

1. Fame is not everything

The Bible says almost nothing about Luke. There is no quote from anything Lucas said or an account of the works he did. We only know that he was a doctor who accompanied Paul on some of his travels. But Lucas’ legacy was impressive.

Luke wrote two books: the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. He was not the protagonist of either of these two accounts. Instead of thinking only of his own fame, Lucas thought of what would be useful for everyone. Luke gave glory to God and God used Lucas to bless everyone who reads the Bible!

Lucas is not famous but his legacy lives on today. God honors those who, like Luke, do not seek their own glory but seek to do God’s will ( Proverbs 15:33 ).

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2. The value of friendship

Paulo was famous. He was an apostle who opened many churches and even performed miracles. But on one occasion he found himself in prison, alone and with no one to support him in his defense in court. Only Luke was with him ( 2 Timothy 4: 9-11 ).

Lucas was a true friend to Paulo. We don’t know what he did but we know what he didn’t – he didn’t abandon his friend. In the hour of greatest need, when there was no one else, Lucas was there to support Paulo. Being there to help in times of need can make all the difference in a friend’s life ( Proverbs 17:17 ).

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3. Who seeks the truth finds

To write his accounts of Jesus’ life and the beginning of the church, Luke investigated everything carefully. He wanted Theophilus and everyone who read his books to have a solid basis for believing in Jesus ( Luke 1: 1-4 ). Luke sought the truth and the result was the most detailed account of Jesus’ life, which confirms that he is the savior.

Our faith need not be blind. The Bible says that we must analyze all things ( 1 Thessalonians 5:21 ). Investigate what we believe in, to confirm that it is right is good! If we believe that God has the answer, it is not a lack of faith. On the contrary, it strengthens faith, because God reveals the truth to those who seek it.

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