The 3 most common mistakes of new managers

Desired, longed for, coveted … or perhaps only deserved for the hard work and successes achieved. Here it is, promotion to manager . An important recognition and at the same time a risky step for a new manager, and it is good to avoid the traps (at least the most common ones ).

Once – and in some organizations it still is – the ritual was also formal from the point of view of space : the promotion brought with it a new office, often no longer shared. The space of the chief, like the captain of the ship who isolates himself from the rest of his crew.

The change of location was also symbolic , in a sense, an exchange perspective that the new manager should – now more so – if you want to achieve results of value to your team guide.

You really need to take on a new mindset to make sure you don’t fall into these mistakes .

Managerial role vs. operation

It is useless for us to hide behind a finger. Most organizations ask managers to be very operational . And this leads to the first mistake : you only manage when you have time . And sometimes this means never . Precisely because when you want to do everything, you cannot apply the principle of focus .

It is essential to carve out a managerial time to devote to non-operational activities, primarily those relating to the development and development of collaborators and the team.

What am I doing today to prepare for tomorrow’s success ? What are the activities that put feet to build the relationships effectively, listen sincerely, create the group , facilitating the liability and assumption of the delegation from the people?

Complain about your team

Another ineffective and very common paradigm is to want to coach another team. As if we were the talent scouts and not the coaches. So often I hear managers complaining about the lack of quality of their employees . Instead, it is important to:

  • Develop the skills and competences of people today in teams;
  • Identify and build on the points of strength , not continue to look for things that are not there.

The game is won with the cards that happened to us. And the “victim” attitude so widespread in some new managers is really an indication of a low level of proactivity and leadership .

Fun vs. “Divertificio”

Confusing fun with the “divertificio”. Was your ex boss serious and not very empathetic ? He did not like convivial moments and did you suffer this a lot? It is likely, especially if you are under 45, and are part of generations who love being together and having fun in the workplace. Like it or not, generations “daughters of Fiorello”.

But be careful: fun alone is not enough. Fun favors the relaxed climate , but it does not make sense and does not provide why . If your team doesn’t know what contribution they are making, they don’t feel part of a story . You will not be able to create true engagement .

Do you remember the old story of a man who passes through the streets of France and sees a man who hardly breaks stones? He asks him: what are you doing? And that, all fatigued, answers: don’t you see, I’m breaking stones! A little further on another group of people who always break stones, tired but with a smile. The man asks: what are you doing? And they answer: we are building the cathedral.

A little music and the evening celebration of the good stone splitter is not enough to make sense of the effort . It takes awareness and passion , which only building a cathedral gives to the human being

by Abdullah Sam
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