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2D Boy. It is an independent video game development company , it was founded by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, former employees of Electronic Arts, who left their jobs to form an independent development and production company.

They maintain that “their brand new office is like a common cafeteria but with free access via wi-fi , where they wander on any given day.”


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The game

2D Boy is a San Francisco- based independent studio game , making games the old-fashioned way. A team of two, a few ideas, and a lot of “love”, the goal is to make everyone play, with a game that no one has seen before.

First launch and founders

The first release was World of Goo , a very realistic physics based puzzle game, this game was based around the idea of ​​building great structures using goo balls. The game won the award for the most innovative in the Independent Games Festival (Independent Games Festival (in English )) of 2008 and the Technical Excellence Award, and was nominated for the grand prize at the festival McNally.2 Seumas


Kyle Gabler Kyle Gabler is one of the guys behind the Experimental Gameplay Project, and also recently, a game designer and the magic of rapid prototyping with Maxis and EA.

Ron Carmel Ron Carmel was previously an EA game developer with pogo.com. That prior to that he developed Visual FX software and immersion haptic simulations.

Both designers together are an unstoppable force on the front line of the indie revolution.


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