How To Play final fantasy 7 remake biker boy

How To Play final fantasy 7 remake biker boy.We tell you all about the motorcycle journey minigame in Final Fantasy VII Remake: when and where to play, and what you will get if you are able to demonstrate a good level of skill.In Final Fantasy VII Remake we have a few minigames that were not present in the original. With them we can entertain ourselves for a while, and get certain rewards if we meet the requirements. In this case we want to tell you about the motorcycle minigame , which will be the second we will have access to.


  1. When and where to play
  2. How to play
  3. Rewards

When and where to play

It is compulsory to play at the beginning of Chapter 4: Mission at midnight .

How To Play final fantasy 7 remake biker boy.

It is a reimagining of the escape of Midgar from the original game . You will have to be attentive to the enemies that appear and place yourself at their height to hit . The controls are relatively intuitive, at the base:

  • With a squareyou hit to your left .
  • With a circleyou hit to your right .
  • With a triangle(with sufficient load on the lower left bar) you launch a multiple blow around you .
  • With L1 pressedwith sufficient charge in the lower left bar), the special attack changes to Light Wave, which launches a long-distance attack in front of you .
  • With R1 you defend yourself from attacks, especially from drones that appear when you advance in the race.

The idea is simple: kill all the enemies and avoid them doing too much damage to you . Keep in mind that elite motorcyclists will throw fire backwards , you can see which side of their motorcycle they throw it depending on the hand they raise and place you on the other side, and that the drones will mark you with a laser before firing , moment that you can take advantage of to protect yourself before suffering damage.


If you can avoid being hurt too much , you will get Jessie to praise you and earn the No Speed ​​Limit trophy . So that you can get an idea more or less of what you should achieve, this time we include a video on these lines, so that it is clearer than with simple text and advice. The basic objective is to take low damage , there is no “time limit” or anything like that, so focus on dodging the attacks and taking down the enemies with some confidence.

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