20 Examples of Already

The meaning of already is ” already “. It is used to indicate events that have already occurred or actions that have already been carried out.

Already is an adverb in English that is often used in perfect verb tenses . These verb tenses refer to events that occurred at a certain time but continue to be relevant later.

For example, I can use the present perfect to talk about something that started or happened in the past but is still in effect in the present:

We have been married for two years . (We have been married two years.)

The past perfect refers to two moments in the past:

When we had a child, we had been married for two years . (When we had a son, we had been married for two years.)

The future perfect is used to refer to something (happened in the past, present or future) that will continue to be relevant in the future .

Next month, we will have been married for two years. (We have been married for two years next month.)

Although already is often used with these tenses, it can also be used in others.

Example sentences with already

  1. You’re late, the plane has already left. (He’s late, the plane has already left.)
  2. He was already a famous actor when he was fourteen. (He was already a famous actor when he was fourteen.)
  3. Don’t ask questions if you already know the answers. (Don’t ask questions if you already know the answers.)
  4. When I arrived, the class had already begun. (When I arrived, class had already started.)
  5. If you don’t hurry up, he will have already left by the time you get there. (If you don’t hurry, he’ll be gone by the time you get there.)
  6. You don’t need to wait in line; I have already bought the tickets. (You don’t have to wait in line, I already bought the tickets.)
  7. The children have already finished dinner and are ready for bed. (The children have finished dinner and are ready to go to bed.)
  8. I have already done my homework. (I have already finished my work.)
  9. When Andrea met John she had already divorced her first husband. (When Andrea met John, she had already divorced her first husband.)
  10. I have already seen this movie twice, but I want to see it again. (I’ve already seen this movie twice, but I want to see it again.)
  11. You can’t have more chocolate; you already had two pieces in the afternoon. (You can’t eat any more chocolate, you’ve already had two servings in the afternoon.)
  12. Let’s move on to something more difficult, I already know how to do this exercise. (Let’s do something more difficult, I already know how to do this exercise.)
  13. The show has already begun. (The show has already started.)
  14. I have already forgotten everything the teacher said. (I have already forgotten everything the professor said.)
  15. I can’t help you right now; I have already left the office. (I can’t help you now, I’ve already left the office.)
  16. Only two months later she had already found a better job. (Just two months later, she had already found a better job.)
  17. If you call me next week I will have already left. (If you call me next week I’ll be gone.)
  18. It’s raining too often; I have already cleaned the windows three times this month. (It rains too often, I already washed the windows three times this month.)
  19. Don’t worry, I already paid the bill. (Don’t worry, I’ve already paid the bill.)
  20. The boy has already made new friends. (The boy has already made new friends.)
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