15 browser extensions that will make your life easier

Have you noticed that you install fewer and fewer applications on your PC? As far as I’m concerned, many of the tasks I perform on a daily basis are done from the browser, either through web applications or with the help of some browser extension.

Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers not only save us a lot of hard drive space, but also serve to personalize and enhance the browsing experience with new features and utilities. Here are 15 plugins for your main browser that will make your life a little easier and more enjoyable.

Recommended extensions for Chrome

Click&Clean : Delete browsing history automatically when you close the browser. It also allows you to clear the cache with a single click or backup your browsing history. | Download from the Chrome Web Store

Honey : One of the most used Chrome extensions. Honey automatically finds and applies discount codes when you shop online. | Download from the Chrome Web Store

Momentum – Replaces the “New Tab” layout to display a custom dashboard where you can add to-do lists, preview weather, images, and inspirational quotes. | Download from the Chrome Web Store

Volume Master : Tool that allows you to increase the volume of the audio up to 600%. | Download from the Chrome Web Store

Todoist: Popular app for creating to-do lists. You can add websites such as reading and tracking tasks, keeping track of daily tasks, etc. Easy to use and very practical. | Download from the Chrome Web Store

Sparkling extensions for Firefox

OneTab : Do you always have a ton of tabs open? With this add-on for Firefox you can take all those tabs and turn them into a list. When you want to see any of them again, you just have to open the list and select the tab so that it is automatically restored. | Download from the Firefox repository

YouTube High Definition : Play YouTube videos in the highest possible resolution. It also allows you to customize the player size and select the audio quality. | Download from the Firefox repository

Cookie AutoDelete: When you close a tab, all cookies that are not being used at that time are automatically deleted. | Download from the Firefox repository

Imagus: Increases the size of the image and displays it in its original resolution when we mouse over the link. | Download from the Firefox repository

Foolproof Extensions for Edge

Microsoft Editor: Spanish spelling and grammar checker that helps you write better emails and online publications. An essential tool if you use the Edge browser regularly. | Download from Edge Plugins

McAfee WebAdvisor : Security complement that warns you of any threat that you may find online while you browse. Very useful against dubious websites or that may raise suspicions. | Download from Edge Plugins

Microsoft Rewards: Popular extension for Edge that allows you to access your Microsoft Rewards profile and view your points, offers and rewards at any time. | Download from Edge Plugins

Cool extensions for Opera

Web of Trust: Also known as WOT, this Opera extension works as a tool that rates the reputation of the websites you visit. Perfect to know if we can trust a certain web page or content. | Download from OperaAddons

LastPass: One of the best password managers on the market. Save your passwords and synchronize them with all your devices safely and easily. | Download from Opera Addons

Opera Free VPN: Free and unlimited VPN application developed by Opera itself to browse privately. | Download from Opera Addons

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