120 Profitable Business Ideas for 2021

Looking for a Profitable Business Idea? This article is designed with small, big, medium, agricultural, wholesale, productive, food oriented, online, smart, new and unique business ideas. Out of the numerous Business Ideas , we would like to introduce you to the 120 Profitable Business Ideas for 2021 .

You may need a lot of money to start some of these 120 businesses, and some businesses may require less money. Again there are some businesses that do not require any money. So don’t delay, read the entire article and find out which business is right for you. So without further ado, I went straight to Profitable Business Ideas.

Food Based Business Ideas

Food is one of our basic needs. Food based business is a lucrative business space. Over time, food-based businesses are gathering. The main challenge of this business is good food and quality food.

# 1 Bakery Business

The bakery is one of the best in the food business. This business has been going on in our country for a long time. Everyday bakery products are our daily companion. The success of this business depends on proper planning and marketing.

The initial cost of this business is a little higher. Because first you have to buy machinery, build a factory. You can start a bakery business with 5 to 1 lakh rupees in space. Read Details – How to Start a Bakery Business

# 2 Catering Business

Do you like to cook food for your friends and family? If you are skilled at cooking catering business or food supply can begin. You can take small orders early and gradually increase the volume of business. Read on – How to Start a Catering Business

# 1 Food Cart Business

This business can be started with low manpower and small money. This business is increasing in popularity in various places including the capital. Burgers, Hot Coffee, Cold Coffee, Noodles, Fried Chicken, French Fried Food Cart Proper placement and quality food will help this business succeed.

Meal Delivery Business

Food delivery business in the busy office of work is a lucrative business space. You can start this business with a small amount of capital. First you have to make a menu of food and go to different offices. They have to manage this business with healthy food delivered daily at low prices.

Find out the details – 5 food business ideas for food lovers

# 1 Raw Market Home Delivery Business

Raw Market Home Delivery Business is a unique and smart business idea. You can start this business with very little money.

For the raw market home delivery business, you must first select a few areas. After ordering by phone, the market will be delivered to the customer.

You can build a mobile app to get more customers. Through the mobile app, the customer will inform the customer about the product and you or your people will deliver it to the customer. Read more – the market is .

Home Service Business Ideas – Home service business ideas

People’s busyness is increasing day by day. The downside of this busyness is growing the home service business. The home service business can be traded with less money but it requires skill and creativity.

This home service business is profitable with very little money or no capital. Let’s not know some home service business ideas.

# 1 Deep House Cleaning Business

In this age of busyness, very few people can clean their homes. For example many do not have time or many do not have the tools to clean well.

Home Cleaning Services is a profitable service based business . You can start this business with small and skilled manpower. There is very little profitable business at such a low price.

# 1 Garden Service

The garden service business is a unique and smart business space. As a profitable business idea, I will give this business a 5A3. This business is very profitable at low cost. By creating different garden designs, you can inform the customer about your business. If the customer likes the design of your garden and the price is right, they will give you the job of decorating their garden.

At first, the friends and relatives can experience and sample the work of their relatives. Online and offline promotions will help you succeed in this business. Did you know – any business in a small town is profitable?

# 1 Interior Design Business


If you want to do business using your skills and creativity, start the interior design business . There is a great demand for office or home interiors. You can use social media to get customers for this business.  

Online Business – Online Business in Bengali

In the modern era, online business is increasing day by day. The biggest advantage of online business is that you can earn money by using your intelligence, talent, labor at home. Your own boss! Let’s know some online business ideas . After getting a profitable and easy online business idea, we will discuss shop based business, agriculture, production oriented business ideas.

# 1 Online Blog

One of the best ways to earn money online is to blog online. Visitors are the source of the money earned on a blog. Visitors to any site are the main visitors.

There are many ways to earn money from a blog or website. Money can be earned in many ways, including advertising, affiliate marketing, direct advertising, selling your own products.

Read on – How to Make Money from Online Blogs

# 1 Earn Money by Publishing Videos on YouTube

YouTube 1/3 years ago was much easier. Now they are getting tougher. Three to four years ago – when you uploaded a video, you started earning.

Now this is not an opportunity. In order to earn money from YouTube videos you must adhere to some laws. For example, a portion of a video cannot be copied from someone else’s video.

Must be your own video. Moreover, it will take 3 subscribers and 4 hours watch hour. However, once a channel can be established on YouTube, a passive income is generated.

# 1 Earn Online Sales Course

Selling Courses Online is a Profitable Online Business Idea. You can also create online courses on the subject that you are interested in. If you create a course, you can promote it and sell it.

You can sell online courses in many ways if you want. You can increase your sales by promoting your own course directly. If you want you can sell courses by going to udemy dot com.

# 12 Make money by making a mobile app

The demand for mobile apps in the present world cannot be eliminated. Do a job Make sure you have a few apps on your mobile. There will be 8 to 20 apps on the low side.

Now the demand for laptops and desktops is decreasing day by day. On the other hand, the demand for smart phones and apps is increasing. So a mobile app can be the best source of income.

# 5 Earn Article Writing

Article Writer is a person who earns money by writing articles on behalf of others. It is an independent profession.

An article writer should have SEO knowledge. You can earn money by writing an article from your home, office or anywhere. Skills, experience make this job even faster.

# 1 E-commerce Business

E-commerce is another independent business. This business is a combination of hard work, many steps and decisions. Starting an e-commerce business is not an easy task.

At first, many people think that I bought some products at wholesale prices, took pictures and promoted them and sold them. Is it really just that? Not at all. Starting this business is harder and challenging than any other business in general.

Read – How to Start an E-commerce Business

# 1 Social Media Manager

This social media manager is a unique business idea. This business can be started without much money or money.

In our country social media is still not used by 5% of companies. So there is a huge market open for you. By promoting different packages, you can promote their products or services through social media for different companies.

If you would like to get business ideas for sale, read this article – This 5 Ideas For Those Who Don’t Like Sale

# 1 Earn Money by Teaching English Online

If you are proficient in English, you can transform this skill into a business. You can open a YouTube channel for this, or create an online course. Know – How to do business without business experience

# 1 Business Plan Writer

Another profitable business idea is this. This business is in the back of our country. There is no alternative to a business plan for starting a business.

If you are proficient in business and can write business plans, this business will be a great gathering. It is a service based business that can also be used as a part-time business.

# 1 Wedding Photography Business

If you love to take pictures, you can start a wedding photography business. I will give the wedding photography business ten and a half for three reasons: work, creativity, and quality remuneration.

Before becoming a wedding photographer, you need to be skilled and sophisticated. The creative pictures you take will depict you. Marketing must be done to increase the customer and expand the business.

Read on – How to Start a Photography Business

# 4 Make a Revenue by Renting a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are clothes that are usually worn on the day of the wedding. There is no use of this garment afterwards. Usually wedding dresses cost a lot more. The price of wedding dress for both boy and girl is sky-kissed.

You can buy wedding dresses and rent it if you want. The biggest benefit of this business is that it can be started very easily.

This business can be promoted by advertising online . Customers can rent clothing of their choice from many designs. You can make this business based online at home. This business is quite profitable,especially for female entrepreneurs .

# 25 yard clothing business

Clothes are one of our basic needs. The position of the clothes after the food. Clothing stores are a lucrative business idea.

This business can be managed by arranging the linen cloth in the appropriate place. Learn more – How to start a yard sale business

# 25 Coffee Shop Business

There are very few people who like to eat coffee. The health of coffee and the popularity of coffee play a role in making this business a success. The coffee shop business is a lucrative business idea.

This business can be started with a small amount of money. The amount of money may be less than the cost of the place. Location selection is very important for the coffee shop business .

# 22 Cosmetics or cosmetic shops business

In fact, cosmetics or cosmetics are no longer normal. This is a fundamental demand especially for women. Cosmetics sales shop can be a lucrative business space.

This business can be profitable from 25 to 5 percent. Choosing the right location, good use with the customer, quality products will help this business succeed.

You must not avoid greed and make extra profit. This will get you more customers and the business will be good

Read more – Beauty and Cosmetics Business

# 26 Glasses Store Business – Profitable Business Ideas

One of the most profitable businesses is the eyeglass shop. Choosing the right place for business, good customer service, good quality products make this business more efficient.

Six years ago, 3% of people wore glasses. Now about 5 percent of people are wearing glasses. People’s interest in this business is increasing day by day.

Patuatuli glasses of old Dhaka are considered as the best wholesale market. Retail glasses are sold in various parts of the country. Eyeglasses can be purchased online at the permanent store as well . Especially online sunglasses can be traded.

# 29 Crockery Business

By doing a crockery shop, you can be self-reliant. Crockery is a product we all use on a daily basis at home.

Starting from cups of tea, drinking glasses, rice eating plates, fruit spoons are all crockery products.

There is no season for this business. This means that it is sold the same way all year long. One of the major benefits of a crockery business is that there is no fear of product degradation or expiration. So the business risk is less. 

In order to be successful in the business of crockery, choosing the right place, good quality products, and customer service has to be increased.

# 29 Fast Food Shop

Fast food is another name for low-cost snack foods. You can be your own boss by doing a fast-food business at a place where people are more likely to meet. Read Details – How to Start a Fast Food Store Business

# 29 Restaurant Business

An American study shows that entrepreneurs whose age is between 20 and 5 years is their number one favorite business name restaurant. As a lucrative business, this business has a lot of good reputation as well as you can face loss if you cannot manage the business properly. Know – Some ways to be successful in the restaurant business

Read more – How to successfully start a restaurant business

# 25 Food Hotel Business

Breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner, start the hotel business with a focus on these four belts. The customer will usually be the customer of your business if they need it.

Serving quality food at reasonable prices and good use with the customer are the main strengths of this business. Read all the articles about our food business here.

# 25 Biriyani Business

In busy areas, densely populated streets, office area is a good place for Biriyani business. You can start this business very easily by cooking at home or in the store. There should be room for 1/3 seating.

In addition, the parcel must be arranged. Chicken biryani, beef biryani, scissor biryani etc. are quite gathering. If you can keep the taste of food good, your customer will advertise for you free of charge.

# 25 Ice Cream Parlor

There are very few people who don’t like ice cream. On an average, an ice cream parlor requires a store of 3 to 8 square feet. Ice Cream Parlor is a lucrative business space. Before starting this business you need to do enough market research and planning.

Read – Steps to Start a Small Business

# ৩০ Toys Business for Small Tsunamis

One of the best ways to make a living is with a toy store, with a smile on the faces of children. Generally, the toy store may seem simple, but it faces many challenges. Learn how to market a stranger

# 1 Colorful fish and aquarium business

Business is a lucrative business idea for aquariums and colorful fish. To start this business, you may need Tk 1 lakh. The business can be operated by renting a small shop. Be aware – 1 Golden Tips for Starting a Small Business

# 12 Buying Old Furniture Sold

We use furniture or furniture every day. Many times when a furniture becomes old, I buy it and buy new furniture. If you want to buy and sell old furniture you can start this business.

You can make a profit by buying old furniture and repairing it properly and reselling it. You only have to buy when you buy an old furniture.

Because you have to resell this same product. This business can be done at home. You can advertise your business by advertising online. Here are 5 tips for making a home center business successful . Read it now.

# 1 Old bookstore

Books are invaluable resources. Often, when we finish reading a book, it becomes less important to us and the importance of another book increases. You can rent a store and buy and sell old books.

Although the old bookstore business is a little slow, the profitability of this business is not low. You can manage these business activities online at a permanent store as well.

Must read – Buying old products can be a profitable business

# কেন Buying and selling old electronic products

There is no end to the demand for our electronic products. One goes and the other comes. You can do a business when it comes to demand for electronic products.

This business is done by buying old electronic products at low prices (fixing any problems) and selling them again in Purana. Customers of this business can rent a shop and advertise their services online.

# 1 Library Plus Coffee Shop

Imagine once, the moment of drinking coffee with reading books! You can offer a small library if you want and offer coffee to the customer. You can also sell books in addition to library services. Read more – One of the main reasons for starting a coffee shop business

# 1 Print, mobile banking, mobile recharge business

You can start a print, mobile banking, mobile recharge business business by renting a shop. Busy residential area, office area, university area is a good place for this business. Although this business may seem small, it can actually make a good profit. So if you want to grow up in life , never think of yourself as small

# 1 Sari selling shop

Women are the main customers of the saree business. A sari shop can be a lucrative business space. Before starting this business you have to come to the market without having the right business plan . It takes time to get in touch early. 1/3 months before the start of the business.

# 1 Share Market (Invest in the Stock Market)

Negative ideas about the stock market in our country are many. But practically investing in the stock market can be a Passive Income. There are two ways to invest in the stock market.

One IPO can be applied for shares and two, shares can be bought directly from the secondary market. BO accounts have to be opened for investing in the stock market . The BO account is to be opened through the Broker House . Read on – How to invest in the stock market

# 1 Insurance Agent

An insurance agent or insurance representative is basically a person who makes a contract between the insurance company and the customer. Generally the insurance representative is not assigned any salary. Commission on sale of insurance is paid. In addition, an insurance agent can enjoy many benefits .

There are no rules governing income. The more insurance you sell, the higher your income will be.

Learn More – How to Sell Insurance

# 1 Home and office replacement services

This is a profitable and service oriented business idea. You will notice that many people change their homes and offices every month. Changing a home or office is a gamble.

You can start this service based business if you want. For this you have to hire some skilled and working people. Also a van car or pickup may be required. Q.

In the first place, you can run online advertising to get customers. The satisfied customer will do the free marketing for you later.

# 1 Business of selling computers and computer goods   

The business of selling computers and computer goods is a lucrative business space. It will take some time to build the brand in the first place.

If you can sell good quality products with certainty, you can easily benefit from this business. Read the details – How to successfully start a business selling computer and computer goods

# 12 Cybercafe

Demand for this business is currently decreasing in large departmental cities. But there is still a great demand for cybercafe in the district. This business can be managed by renting a medium sized shop. Learn how to start a cybercafe

# 5 Turban factory

Start as a small-scale production-oriented business. Usually the groom is a customer of his business. Read here how to start a turban factory on a small scale .

# 1 Shoe Store Business

Many of us know about sustainable business. One example of this sustainable business is the shoe store business. This business can be started on a small scale and the scope of the business can be increased.

The staff appointed job as well as the Part taima business as business is conducted. Read here – How to Start a Shoe Store Business

# 4 Wood Shopis Business

If you are interested in doing business with creativity and innovation, start a wood showcase business . This business requires a lot of creativity. You can make a wood showcase business with a permanent store and promote online. Without a doubt, this is a lucrative business idea for 2021.

Let’s talk about some agricultural and farm based businesses .

# 1 Beekeeping

Mountain bees, Indian bees and small bees are commonly found in our country. An average of 20 grams of honey is available from a small bee hive. 1 kg of honey is available from Indian bee chalk and 5 kg of honey is obtained from the highest hill bee chalk.

However, the mountain bees cannot be observed with a box. Beekeeping can be a lucrative business considering the health benefits and needs of honey .

# 1 Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom is a nutritious food and its cultivation is extremely profitable. Food is consumed within a short period of time. Mushroom prices are higher than other vegetables in the market. In addition, insect spiders are much less invasive than other vegetables.

# 1 Pigeon Farm

Pigeon Farm is a lucrative business space for extra income. Pigeons are very happy. But this hobby can be a great source of income later. So before starting a pigeon farm, you need to know about this business.

Learn – Pigeon breeding and start earning extra income

# 1 Duck farm business

Duck farms are more profitable than chicken farms. Can be started on a small amount of capital. No need for more manpower. Duck farms can also be started as a side business. Farms can be grown by starting in small places.

However, to start a duck farm, you need to select a good variety of ducks for the farm .

There are 5 reasons why to start a duck farm. What you read will motivate you to start this business. Read 5 reasons for starting a duck farm.

# 1 Keeping Quill

The quail is a small-sized livestock. With a little money can be started the business of coil. You may be surprised to know that quail begins to hatch in 3-5 weeks and lays 25-20 eggs a year. In a few days, more profit can be made by this quail.

# 1 Goat farm business – Goat farm business

In our country, especially in the village Ganj, some goats are kept. If you can keep that goat, then you can earn around 2 million rupees a year. All the expenses can be made up to Rs 1 lakh per year.

There are many reasons and benefits of starting a goat. Read on to start a goat farming business for those reasons .

# 12 Rabbit breeding

Looking for a way to be self-sufficient in small capital ? Start the rabbit rearing business. In our country, rabbits are generally treated as hobbies or pets. This rabbit rearing business can be started with very little capital.

Rabbits can be started in one of the nests, on the roof, or in the fallow land. Well, housewife, anyone who starts this business can be self-reliant.

# 1 flower farming business

There are very few people who love flowers. You can gradually increase the scope of this business by starting to grow land. Flower cultivation in our country is usually higher in winter. However, its demand lasts throughout the year.

Flowers are used on many occasions throughout the year, including February 8th, February 21st. There are flowers used to decorate a house, from greeting someone.

# 3 Vegetable cultivation

Vegetable farming is a small capital business . You need to find a place where the sun falls for the cultivation of vegetables Commercial income can be earned by cultivating vegetables and selling them in the market.

However, in order to succeed in this business, you must cultivate vegetables in advance. Suppose you want to cultivate lu. You will have to supply the lawn before the supply of lava is increased in the market. In this you will be far ahead of other traders.

# 1 Fish and poultry farming

Cultivation of two together. Its name is fish and poultry farming . This business can be started on low capital. This requires a pond. Fish will be cultivated in pond water and ducks will be cultivated by building houses on the pond.

Duck shit will provide fish food and if the duck swims in the water, the oxygen in the water will increase. The duck has to ensure proper habitat .

Besides, the importance of poultry food on the farm should be understood and the rules for making easy meals must be learned.

# 1 Fish enclosure

Fish enclosures are generally shallow water bodies where fish are grown commercially. In our country, fish enclosure business is a well known and profitable business. Generally, in the fallow lands or paddy lands, shallow soil is dug and made into a fish house.

Besides cultivating fish of different species, Gheer isle is also cultivated in vegetables, banana cultivation , lemon. Good for enclosing a sunny place. Hard work and talent is one of the capital of this business.

# 1 Fish food making business

Fish food is a lucrative business. Those who commercially grow fish will be your customers. Besides, if you have a fish enclosure, you can easily reduce the cost of preparing fish food.

# 8 Cattle Cattle Business

Beef farming can be a source of income for meat production . As a part-time business, this business is a lucrative business. Buying a cow for a short period of time is profitable by selling it carefully and then selling it. Read on – How to start a cattle fattening business

# 1 Dairy Farm – Dairy farm

Beef farming is another profitable business idea for milk production .

The right place should be selected for setting up a dairy farm There are many benefits and reasons to start a dairy farm business.

We found 5 reasons to start a dairy farm business These are the reasons that will encourage you to start this business. 

Must read – How to Start a Dairy Farm Business Successfully

# 1 Layer Poultry – Layer Farming Business

Layer chicken farming is a lucrative business for egg production . This is a business that can be started by investing a small amount of money first and then increasing the amount of money invested. Before starting a layer poultry business, you need to know how to operate a poultry farm .

# 1 Broiler Chicken Business

Broiler poultry is a lucrative business, but it is occasionally bargaining. So first you need to verify the market and start this business. Because the broiler chicken business can profit from the gains as well.

If you get a certain customer level, doing this business can be quite beneficial. It might be that you have to supply 20kg of meat a month to a hotel. Again, 1 kg of meat has to be served at a restaurant. So find a customer like this and start a broiler chicken breeding business.

Find out more – Broiler chicken farm for meat production

Let’s find some retail and wholesale and other business ideas.

# 1 Clay jewelry making business

Almost all women of the class have an affinity for earth jewelry. It’s a small business but needs creative skills. Even if you start a business with less money, you can manage and promote customers online – Learn in detail – How to start a clay jewelry business

# 12 T-shirt Business

T-shirts are the most widely used clothing in our clothing line. In addition to boys, girls also wear T-shirts. Design is the main attraction of this business. Because the design of the T-shirt works well for the customer. Learn the details – How to Start a T-Shirt Business

# 1 Sporting Goods Business (Sporting Goods Business)

Get started with the sporting goods business. Shop at the appropriate place. Generally young boys and girls will be the customers of this business. Better use and lower prices than the surrounding will make this business a success. Read more – 1 sports business concept

# ৬৪ Event management business

The event management business is a challenging business field. Artistic touches and creativity are the tools of this business. This business has the opportunity to prove itself.

# 1 Gift Shop Business – Gift shop business

The Gift Shop Business is a Moving and Profitable Business Idea. The business is a little slow but there is no risk. Customers come to buy gifts for their own needs. Good use and relatively low prices facilitate success.

# 4 Grocery Store

You may be surprised to know that a grocery store can earn up to Tk . Good place to shop. The rest can not be given. Not at all, even if you don’t have a shop. Find out – The key to successfully starting a grocery store business

# 1 The Laundry Business

Laundry shop is a small service business. This area is ideal for businesses. Laundry business can be started with a little money. Arrangements for home delivery can make more customers available.

Skills – Knowing how to dress clothes. Good deal with the customer.

Read on – 4 Reasons Small Business Fails

# 1 Salon Business

The retail sector is far ahead of this business. One of the best ways to earn a salon business. In the first place, the investment is higher, then the general cost. Success depends a lot on the location of the store. Read Details – How to Start a Salon Business

# 4 Fruit Juice Shop

There is no shortage of juice in the market. Lack is just pure juice. You can solve this problem with a fruit juice shop. A small space is enough for this. Fruit juice shops can be offered at busy street corners, office areas, in front of the market. The big capital of this business is honesty.

# 1 Electronics Goods Selling Business

Electronics is our daily companion. You can shop all electronics items starting from lights, fan, charger lights, TV, fridge. Besides, you can start this business by spreading any product (just fridge).

You will need large space to sell electronics products. Because in small stores you can’t keep all the products. Before starting the business, enough market verification tax will be required. Read – Electronics Products Serving Business

# 1 Gym or gymnastics business

Healthy resources! Start by putting this slogan in front of a gym or gym business. You can open a gym in your area or any area by renting a small space. People usually pay at your gym for the month. You can also lend some money at one time during admission. You need to hire skilled people for exercise.

# 12 Beauty Parlor Business

This is a good business area, especially for female entrepreneurs. Especially from the young to the middle-aged women are customers of this business. Read more – How to Start a Beauty Parlor Business

# 1 Bonsai Business

Bonsai is an example of living art. Many decoration bonsai trees are purchased to decorate the office or home. You can start this business very easily if you want. You know the details of how to start this business – how to start a bonsai business

# 1 Mom and Baby Goods Store

A Profitable Business Idea Mother and baby accessories store is a business. This business in the hospital area will be good. Besides, this business can be done by renting a shop in a shopping center. The special aspect of this business is that all the mother and baby products can be found in one store.

# ৭৫ The drugstore or pharmacy business

Pharmacy business is a consolidated and profitable business idea. To start a pharmacy business, you need to do business with proper permission. Selecting a location is very important for this business. Learn More – How to Start a Pharmacy Business

# 1 Coatings Store Business

The probability of this slow-down business loss is very low. Coat dryers are our daily use item. Learn how to start a laundry shop

# 1 Belt Factory

Belts are a usable product of men. There is a great demand for this product in the market. If you want to start a productive business with a small amount of money, you can have a belt manufacturing factory. It is necessary to have the appropriate experience and skills.

# 1 Market Bag Making Business

Another product-oriented business with less money is the Market Bag. Market bags are made by buying chopped rolls, cut them in size and sew. After making the bag, people have to recruit and marketing. The cost of making a market bag is 3 to 5 rupees, which is 3 to 5 rupees.

# 1 Car Fix Garage Business

The automobile garage business is a lucrative business. This business is usually a service business. In addition to fixing the car, you can sell different parts of the car. Want to have this business experience.

# 1 Home Coloring Agency

When building a new house, we usually paint. In addition, after 5/5 years, you need to paint your house. It is difficult for a homeowner to find a color mechanic and work with them is difficult. So you can solve this problem.

You can run this business by hiring skilled people by opening a house painting agency. The homeowner will contact you directly and your employee will do the paint job. It is possible to make a profit if the business is run well. You may need to do marketing to get a customer early.

# 1 Artificial Flowers & Artificial Flowers

The use of artificial flowers and plants in the decoration of the house is noted. You can do this business with a shop. Goods must be purchased from the wholesale market and sold to the retail market. This business is the best in terms of profit. Generally 25 to 5 percent profit can be made.

# 12 Community center business

Once you make a big investment, this benefit is available for many years. Marriages, brides, birthdays, various parties are usually arranged in the community center. We have a detailed article about this business. If you want to read here –  How to do community center business

# 1 Small Scale Super Shop

A super shop usually sells all used products on a daily basis. They are sold from food to doll. If your budget is low then you can open a super shop on a smaller scale.

Learn – How to Start a Small Shop Super Shop Business

# 1 Day care center

The day care center is a service organization. Usually, daycare is done in addition to caring for children. In the day care, the kids are there from morning to evening. Busy parents do their day-to-day tasks with their children. If you want to start this business, read here – How to Start a Day Care Center Business

# 1 Stationery Store Business

I will give the stationery shop ten and a half. If you consider the profit side, you can get 25 percent profit. Good location makes this business a success. Read on – Is the stationery business profitable?

# 1 Resort Business

If you want to do business in the tourism industry , start a resort business. First, big investment is required. The latter does not require that much investment. Customers can advertise online to get customers. If you need more business ideas in the tourism industry then read this article – Hospitality & Tourism Business Ideas

# 1 Flat Buy Business

If you want to make a big investment business start a flat buy and sell business. If you want to succeed in this business, you need to invest in seeing and hearing. After buying a flat it will have to be resold. You can sell or buy ready-made flats if you wish.

Since investment is high, both profit and loss are higher. If you are curious about this business, read this article – How to Start a Flat Purchase Sales Business

# 1 Helmet Business

Can’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Every day hundreds of new customers are buying new motorcycles. You can use this opportunity to start a helmet sales business.

This business can be done through the shop and can also be sold online at the helmet. Moreover, you can make your own helmet and sell it in wholesale.

Learn how to start a helmet-making business

# 1 Make a Rent with Studio Rentals (Studio Rentals Business)

You are aware of the use of audio and video in the current online age. There are many of us who do not have a good quality studio to do audio and video. You can fix this problem.

You can rent a good quality studio. Can be rented as hours and days. Let’s have a quiet room for this.

Good quality mic, camera, and lighting. This can be a means of Passive Income. You may have to advertise on Facebook to get subscribers.

Must read – that is one of the reasons why business may not be successful

# 1 Business consulting center

Business center is a unique business idea. If you are experienced in business and understand the steps required to do business, start a business center. New entrepreneurs will be your customers.

# 1 Pre-School

If you want to start a business in addition to spending time with young children, start pre-school. In a pre-school, kids in general are learning about things to play, which is useful in their changing school life. Appropriate authority should be obtained for pre-school.

# 12 Cricket Academy

Our country is a crazy country. Now a cricketer is not just a player but also a celebrity. Cricket Academy is a lucrative business space. Start by hiring good quality coaches at your cricket academy. Advertising will help get more customers.

# 1 Make pure ghee and sell it

Although there is no lack of ghee in the market, the lack of pure ghee is quite noticeable. You can make pure ghee at home and sell it at the grocery store, super shop. Besides, retail customers can also sell ghee online to get it. Honesty will make this business a success.  

# 1 Darjibari business

The Darjibari or Tailus business is a profitable business idea that can be started at a very small amount. This business can be done without hiring a shop. If you want, you can do door-to-door business at home. If you are interested in this business, read this article – How To Start A Darjibari Business

# 4 Guava Spice Business

This business can be done by buying good quality spices and grinding them in packets. Of course this business is profitable. If you are proficient in marketing, this business can easily succeed. Read on to find out more about this business – start a jar spice business

# 5 Soil and stone jewelry

Start your own knitting jewelry business with these three pieces of clay stone and creativity. You can do this business without any capital or with very little capital. You need to know how to make jewelry with clay and stone. After making the jewelry, it will be marketed. You may also consider this business as a side business.

# 1 Wedding car decoration

How can one get married with a new twin car and it will not be arranged? A car can be easily decorated with creativity and flowers. You can take pictures of your best designs and market them online. This method will help you get new customers.

# 1 Driving School

Driving school means you can help someone else learn to drive and earn money in return. Basically it is the basis of a contract work. To start this business you want to have a car, be it your own car or rental car.  

Read on – How to Start a Driving School Business

# 1 Generator Services Providing Business

This business is profitable. In a big city you can do this business in a small town or a small town. In order to generate a generator service business , big investment is required initially. Later, only the oil buyer and the lineman have to spend money.

# 1 Construction Material Sales Business

Welcome to the 5th Profitable Business Idea. Thank you because you have already read 1 business idea. That means you read 12 words.

Prior experience is required to start a business selling construction materials . It requires large space or space. Rot, sand, cement, etc. will be your product.

# 1 School Bag Business

This business can be started by buying a school bag at a wholesale market and buying a school bag. Besides, you can make school bags by your own initiative. Read : How to Start a School Bag Making Business

# 12 Attar hat is a grocery store business

By renting a small shop, you can easily sell perfume cap jewelry. Customers will come to buy the product if they need it. This area does not require marketing. But good location and good use will make the business successful.

# 1 Punjabi business

One of the favorite clothes of the boys is Punjabi. The demand for Punjabi during Eid is high, but less Punjabi is sold throughout the year. The same customer will come again and again if the price is right with the quality of the product.

# 1 Jeans Pants Business

The jeans pants business is a lucrative business that doesn’t require many big stores to start. You can also sell jeans pants for boys as well as girls.

# 1 Shirt Business

This business can be done by buying shirts at wholesale prices. You can make shirts from the factory to your company name. The business has the opportunity to open its own brand. 

Read now – the kind of name that is best used in the fashion house business

# 1 Ambulance Service

It cannot be considered just business. Ambulance service is a service. Ambulances report when people are in danger. Some unscrupulous businessmen want to do business by capitalizing on this danger. If you start this business you will have my request not to charge too much. 

Read on – The 3 ideal qualities of a successful businessman

# 1 Earn pictures of the traveler

Another small business name in the tourism industry is the picture of the traveler. A good means I want to have camera and photography skills. Before you start working, decide how much you have to pay.

# 4 Make Money with YouTube Channels

If you prefer to travel, start the Travel YouTube channel today. Earn from YouTube with your own video created.

# 1 Chinese restaurant business 

Investment in Chinese restaurant business is more than profit, but profit is also higher. Beautiful decoration, quality food, customer service make this business a success. Before starting a Chinese restaurant business, you need to prepare business plan properly Read – How to Write the Right Business Plan for Business

# 1 Land Buying Business (Land Buy Sell Business)

Although selling land is a very old business, its demand is still high. The land that is currently low and the price will rise in the future will have to buy land.

It may be that you buy land with a pond, then fill it with sand and resell it again. It increases the profits many times over.

# 1 Mobile Coffee Shop

The mobile coffee shop business can be started by creating a low-cost food cart. Normal coffee shops do business based on a permanent location. On the other hand, the traveling coffee shops are doing business in different places. This business is more profitable with less investment.

# 12 Mobile Crockery Products Store

Get started with a small pickup rental, and not a mobile grocery store. Your business will be better in places where people are more involved.

# 1 Car Rental Business (Rent-a-Car Business)

If you want to do car based business , earn your rent by renting a car. Currently Uber, Pathao can make an extra way by renting this car. These are the 5 business ideas for those who want to do transportation or transportation business .

# 1 Baby’s Birthday Planning Business

If you want to work for small tsunamis start a birthday planning business. Many parents want to remember their child’s birthday.

You can do this smart business by arranging different packages. Basically this business does not require any investment. Advertising to get customers will cost money.

You can share your experience on social media with any party you have had. This will help people get a better sense of your business.

Birthday plans can contain various quests, games, simple puzzles and answers. Besides, pictures, video services can be kept.

# 1 Rent a place for a picnic

If you have any vacant land you can rent a place for a picnic. For this, the place should have a large, open fair, cooking facilities. If you want to know more about this business, read this article – How to Rent a Picnic Spot

# 1 Fire extinguisher business

We all know the horrors of the fire recently. These businesses need to rent a shop. Different products must be sold to extinguish the fire. At present, this business is quite profitable and profitable.

# 1 Fashion Blog in Bangla

In Bangla, a fashion blog can be a source of income. Fashion blogs for readers can earn by writing fashion articles. The competition in this sector has not yet developed.

# 1 Health Blog in Bengal

Health blogs can earn more money than fashion blogs. This may require the help of others. How to lose weight, what diet vitamins in this diet is in great demand.

# 1 Car Parts Business

Experience makes this business a success. The car parts business is a lucrative business. If the customer is in a good relationship, the same customer will come again and again.

# 1 Car Wash Business

This car wash business is making more profit on small capital. You can run this business yourself or with some staff. Read more – How to start a car wash business

# 120 home based security business

Now everyone is very aware of security. If you want to do security based business, start with CCTB Camera Business, Security Guard Supply, Bodyguard Supply, Security Blog etc. 

We have tried to bring you the most profitable business . Research any business that has got you accredited with these 124 Profitable Business Ideas . Know yourself the right way without starting a business, knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are, start a business. If you like this article, be sure to share.

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