100 types of art in history

Artistic styles or most important types of art 

Within the history of art there are diverse and varied styles of art. These types of art, taken together, are what today answers the question of What is art? Currently the vast majority of people know various kinds of art or have heard of them and have even visited works of art of a certain style, and that is that today there are thousands of cities that have different works of different types of art and it is something very beautiful to behold.

The types of art in history, as we have said previously, have been very varied. Many of them have been an evolution of another older art style, others have been a totally innovative art style, others have been similar art styles, evidently having so many types of art in history many of them have been confused with others. Although the vast majority of art styles have been very prominent in their period and have created magnificent works that we can see today, in addition to that thanks to these art classes today we have thousands of famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh.

What are the types of art in history?

The types of art are representations, activities and everyday expressions of society that we can classify by means of the list that we will make below:

Abstract art

The abstract art originates in 1910 and develops as art contrast figurative art that then existed, for this reason both art styles coexist in the same period. This style of art is usually found in the vast majority of traditional art disciplines, both in the common disciplines and in music, literature or dance. You can read more about abstract art here

Contemporary art

The contemporary art is a term used to classify generally to the works of art created in the twentieth century, put another way, this style of art is being created and evolving today. However, there are different ways of speaking or understanding this concept since this style of art is probably one of the most difficult to place chronologically due to the diverse opinions that exist. You can read more about contemporary art  here

Rock art

The rock art is an art style that carried humans in prehistoric age. This type of art was performed on the walls of the caves and used to be drawings representing animals, weapons or human beings. You can read more about rock art  here

Sacred art

The sacred art is a term used to catalog all those art styles that aims or theme is the veneration of a sacred or divine entity. The main objective of this style of art has always been to recreate the perfection that divine entities possessed and the landscapes that surrounded those entities. This style of art has been seen both in paintings, as sculptures and mosaics. You can read more about sacred art  here

Modern Art

The modern art is a term that refers to the various areas in the world of art especially in historiography, aesthetics and theory of what the market is and what is art, ie this style Art aims to distinguish the productive sector that is identified with certain concepts of modernity. You can read more about modern art here

Street art

The street art is a style of art that refers to all artistic disciplines that are carried out on the street and often illegal one. This style of art includes within its definition from Graffiti to street dance through many other artistic disciplines. You can read more about street art  here

Byzantine art

The Byzantine art referred to the “magic” that had the artist. It had various influences from Hellenistic art but was an evolved continuation of Eastern Early Christian art. This type of art originated in the Roman empire and soon after it was displaced by other countries in Europe. You can read more about Byzantine art  here

Conceptual art

The conceptual art is also known as idea art, software art or information and even have different names for a single purpose. This artistic style originated in the 1960s, the era in which the artist attaches great importance and whose ideas were more prominent than the work they carried out. You can read more about conceptual art here

Digital art

The digital art is an artistic movement that brings together all artistic works that have been performed by a digital object, these objects are summarized into one “computer”, so this kind of art is a style that is created by a technology. You can read more about digital art here

Pre-Columbian art

The pre – Columbian art is an artistic movement that brings together different artistic representations and intellectuals such as painting, textiles, architecture, ceramics and sculpture that were created in America in pre – Columbian period. You can read more about pre-Columbian art here

Medieval art

The medieval art is one of the stages more extension had in the history of art is, this style of art originated in the tenth century and reached the fifteenth century. It also traveled to various places from Africa, the East and Europe. For this reason it is considered one of the longest stages in all of history and that includes various artistic movements. You can read more about medieval art here

Early Christian art

The early Christian art is an art that originates in early centuries, appears to be more accurate in the first six centuries. This style of art goes from the Christian period to the conquest of the barbarians where it ends but nevertheless, in the East it continues until the appearance of Byzantine art. You can read more about early Christian art here

visual arts

The visual arts are an artistic movement that aims at expressiveness and whose visual evaluation is based on the artist remaking and developing natural or fantastic worlds using different materials and different techniques used. This style of art allows the artist to show his feelings, emotions and in general the opinion he has about the world. You can read more about visual art here

Renaissance art

The Renaissance art refers to an artistic period that begins in the modern age and that the concept is not in itself an artistic interpretation historically as it was taken from a work of art by Giorgio Vasari. You can read more about Renaissance art here

Optical art

The optical art is also known as Optical Art or Op art. Although it has different ways of naming it, this art refers to the use of optical illusions. It is for this reason that all artists of this style of art try to create a work of art that has an effect of movement for the viewer and it is for this reason that this style of art lacks emotional feeling when making their works. You can read more about optical art here

Surreal art

The Surrealist art ‘s main objective is trying to forget or ignore reality and find a way that the artist imprisons itself. Its origin is linked to two Greek words, the first one is sub which means below and the second is realism which means reality. You can read more about surrealist art here

Rococo art

The Art Rococo is a style of art that comes through two French words meaning “stone” and shell “. Both words are of great importance since they will be the main materials for the interior decoration. For this reason, this style of art stands out for its decoration since it was completely free and very asymmetrical, whose preferred forms were wavy and irregular. You can read more about rococo art here

Deco art

The Art Deco is an artistic design movement that became very popular and known in 1920 and continued until 1939. This style of art was a great positive influence on the decorative arts for example for graphic design to interior design or for architecture. In addition it also had a great positive influence on the visual arts such as cinematography, painting, fashion, sculpture or printmaking. You can read more about art deco here

Art therapy

The art therapy is a formation that specializes in accompanying, facilitating and providing the possibility of a major change to a person using different techniques and artistic movements. The main objective is to help the development and artistic evolution of the person. You can read more about art therapy here

Psychedelic art

The psychedelic art , also named as lysergic art is a form of art that deals mainly with the experiences that a person with hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. In addition this style was called “psychedelic” because its meaning is “manifest of the soul”. You can read more about psychedelic art here

Inca art

The Inca art is a grouping of various techniques and innovative artistic representations that were the evolution of traditional arts. The most used disciplines in this style of art were always stone, textiles, goldsmiths and ceramics. This type of art is characterized by being a very simple and easy art that introduced many techniques from other areas. You can read more about Inca art here

Cubist art

The cubist art is an artistic movement that originated in 1907 and lasted until 1914 in France. This style of art can be considered as a very important and outstanding art since it was the one that gave rise to various avant-garde styles of art in Europe. You can read more about cubist art here

Impressionist art

The impressionist art is an artistic movement that appeared and excelled in painting mainly. However, if we talk about “impressionist” as an adjective it is also used to classify different modalities of artistic disciplines such as literature or music. In addition to being seen in painting, it has also been seen on many occasions in film and photography and on rare or rare occasions in music and literature. You can read more about impressionist art here

Mudejar art

The Moorish art is a kind of art that evolved in different Christian kingdoms that then were seated in a large part of the Iberian Peninsula. In other words, this style of art arose from the different coexistence that existed in Spain between the 12th and 16th centuries. In addition this art mixed different artistic movements such as the Romanesque, the Gothic or the Renaissance. You can read more about Mudejar art here

Country art

The country art is a style of art that is related to rural objects, in other words, with field objects. This style of art is usually related to the country because one of the main themes of representation of this type of art are farm objects, people living in the fields, animals, vegetables, flowers, among other things. Furthermore, all the works that are made and built in this kind of art must always have a resemblance to the rustic. You can read more about country art here

Mexican art

The Mexican art originated by the Indians who were linking and giving importance to art and calling it one of the most primary classes. For this reason, a clear distinction could not be made between architecture, writing, and art. Shortly afterwards, with the conquest of the Spanish, art was associated with decoration and construction, and therefore different churches were seen. You can read more about Mexican art here

Aztec art

The Aztec art is an art style characteristic and not just because it has different movements and artistic performances or different influences of the Mexica, but also in this style of art there are different disciplines including such as are dance, literature, plastic, architecture, music or sculpture. You can read more about Aztec art here

Chinese art

The Chinese art is an artistic movement that was able to build and create different objects in materials such as was the jade, bone or bronze and also had a great importance and significance in the rituals of shamans and it was said that Objects created by this type of art collected the spirit and affection of past souls. In addition, this style of art was characterized not only by the materials used but also had a great knowledge of different techniques of Chinese culture and as there was a hierarchical division, two new theories originated: Taoism and Confucianism. You can read more about Chinese art here

Baroque art

The Baroque art is one of the styles of most important and most famous art in the entire history of art and is considered an important statement that includes many artistic movements, both religious and political and social. This style of art has influences from Italian mannerism; however, this type of art eliminates all classical serenity and is characterized by the fact that in its works a movement and agitation of the senses are observed. You can read more about baroque art here

Romanesque art

The Romanesque art is one of the styles of art that was considered fully Christian and European and also used various techniques of previous styles of the Middle Ages. The main characteristic that characterizes this type of art is that this style of art was always a religious art that tried to show and represent the values ​​that feudal society possessed. You can read more about Romanesque art here

Islamic art

The Islamic art is well known as an artistic movement that developed from the Islamic religion. This style of art is stylistically linked and the reason for this union is because the artists used to move often and therefore one of the common things that all Islamic artists had was writing. In addition, this type of art was characterized by giving great importance to decoration and geometry and with it three types were created: kufic calligraphy, laceries and ataurique. You can read more about Islamic art here

Minimalist art

The minimalist art is an artistic movement that is different things that are gradually reduced to essentials and removing materials and items left over. In other words, this style of art is an art that tends to reduce and represent in its works fundamental and essential things for the artist. You can read more about minimalist art here

Huichol art

The Huichol art is an art movement that brings a lot of types of traditional art and innovations in art and folk crafts. The artists who represented this style of art were called “Huichols”. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this type of art was the decoration, the decoration had a large number of colors and therefore it was considered a very striking decoration. You can read more about Huichol art here

Culinary art

The culinary art  is an art movement characterized by creating original and imaginative works of art through food. Also in this style of art not only do you need to have the “soul” of an artist but it is also essential to have knowledge of food. You can read more about culinary art here

visual arts

The visual arts are a grouping of different styles of art that also include habitual techniques of the plastic arts and also include innovative forms of expression and representation. This style of art originated in the 20th century. The most characteristic of this type of art was the union that was created between different artistic disciplines. You can read more about visual art here

Greek art

The Greek art is an artistic movement that was originated by artists belonging to ancient Greece. This type of art is characterized by trying to find the perfect and ideal beauty and with this idea the artists try to represent an ideal and perfect world similar to a “Platonic world”. You can read more about Greek art here

Figurative art

The figurative art is an art movement based on the accurate representation of objects or figures. These figures can be objects or images, these objects or images are usually identifiable and recognizable. In addition, this type of art was created to be the opposite of abstract art and for this same reason it is why different characteristics can be differentiated, such as realism or also called likelihood. You can read more about figurative art here

Prehispanic art

The pre – Hispanic art was an artistic movement that referred to the art that originated in America before the Spanish conquered these lands. In other words, this style of art refers to all the artistic classes that existed in the areas of America before the Spanish arrived. This style of art emerged in 1492 with the different cultures that existed until then and the different representations. You can read more about pre-Hispanic art here

Classic art

The classical art is an artistic movement that refers to the set of several works that were represented and built by artists with the aim to show and express a sentimental and sensitive viewpoint that the artist had and it was related to the real world or imaginary. You can read more about classical art here

Realistic art

The realistic art is an artistic style that aims to teach and represent various issues that agree with secular rules and empirical, in other words, this kind of creates art works from some issues that can be explained by natural theories and no for divine appearances. You can read more about realistic art here

Mesopotamian art

The Mesopotamian art is a geographical division both chronological and who was present in the Age Antigua in the area of Mesopotamia. It is for this reason that this kind of art refers to representations and artistic styles that the cultures of that area had and thanks to the displacement and evolution of these civilizations new techniques and materials originated to use. You can read more about Mesopotamian art here

Hellenistic art

The Hellenistic art was a very artistic movement rejected at the time. However, from this style of art you can see thousands of famous works such as the Venus de Milo, among others. This style of art was characterized above all by the development that disciplines had, both sculpture, painting and architecture. You can read more about Hellenistic art here

Japanese art

The Japanese art is an artistic movement that was seen as a representation of the entire Japanese culture. This type of art developed and went through different styles and stages, allowing itself to be influenced by both cultural and historical and social evolution. You can read more about Japanese art here

Ancient art

The ancient art is an artistic movement that was born in the period of the Old Age and the beginning of this art style fragmentation in the history of art is created. In addition, there were two explanations for this style of art: the first was the division that was present in art history and that groups various types of art, and the second refers to all works of art that are considered “antiquities”. You can read more about ancient art here

Neoclassical art

The neo art could say that a final artistic representations and currents in a universal way, in other words, this type of art it influenced the vast majority of art classes. This kind of art is a moral, intellectual, social, and philosophical trend that is tied to enlightened ideals. You can read more about neoclassical art here

Mozarabic art

The Mozarabic art is an artistic movement that was based primarily on issues of religion because normally the civilization of the mozárabes occasionally practiced religious rites. You can read more about Mozarabic art here

Idealistic art

The idealistic art is an artistic movement that was trying to find an exact and detailed representation of reality. It is for this reason that it could be examined that the representation of works of art made by artists was abstracted by a main objective which was to try to eliminate any mark of refinement. You can read more about idealistic art here

African art

The African art is a set of different artistic trends that were originated in areas of “Black Africa” in the history of art. This style of art was developed in the different cultures that existed in this country. It is for this reason that this style of art is characterized by having different traditions, languages ​​and techniques. You can read more about African art here

Arabic art

The art Arabic is one of the most common styles of art in Europe. It was characterized by using materials such as mortar, brick or ashlar. In addition, different influences of classical art and Byzantine art could be observed and with these influences a new kind of arch appeared, the “horseshoe arch”. You can read more about Arab art here

Art of the period of migrations

The art of the period of migrations is also known as Germanic art and made reference to the type of art that arose in the Germanic civilization in the period of migrations of civilizations or also called the stage of the barbarian conquest. You can read more about art from the migration period here

Mediterranean art

The Mediterranean art is an artistic movement that refers to the set of various types of art that were very different from each other. This style of art was developed by the historiographic position that the types of art possessed and that were related to the Mediterranean, that is, its population and its culture. You can read more about Mediterranean art here

Pre-romanesque art

The pre – Romanesque art is an art movement that originated in the Middle Ages a part of Western Europe. This type of art cannot be classified as a type of aesthetic art, but is an art class that associates the artistic fabrications of art styles such as early Christian art or Romanesque art. You can read more about pre-Romanesque art here

Romantic art

The romantic art is an artistic movement that has one of the few definitions of all kinds of art in the world. This style of art originated in France with the aim of being the opposite pole of the neoclassical art that existed at that time and for this reason innovative techniques and artistic trends appeared. You can read more about romantic art here

Viking art

The art Viking is an artistic current that originated in northern areas and in certain places that were conquered by the Vikings. This style of art gave rise in its development and evolution to different kinds of art such as Celtic and Roman art. You can read more about Viking art here


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