10 ways to overcome your sense of entitlement

We are the main characters in our own lives. In this state of mind, some see themselves as the chosen ones, destined above all to shine and save the day. They develop a sense of entitlement, believing that they are born special and therefore should be treated accordingly. If left unchecked, this sense of entitlement can develop further, distorting a person’s perception of reality and leading them down a destructive path. Hopefully these means could help those who have the right to overcome them.

1. Think about your self-image.
The first step in overcoming the right to oneself is to think about it. Look deeply and determine the part of your life where you give yourself an undue sense of privilege or superiority. Do you believe that getting a higher salary is your birthright? Do you believe that you are destined to live in constant wealth, free from the burden of poverty? Having determined these aspects, accept the truth that you actually have your own right. It is only when you admit this reality that you can actually use ways to overcome it.

2. Empty your cup.
Those who have their own right often have their cups full all the time. They don’t want to accept new opinions or admit their mistakes because they think they already have everything that’s right and important. If you want to get rid of too many rights, then you must be prepared to let go of your false perceptions and accept the wisdom of others. Empty your cup and fill it again.

3. Accept that anyone can be special.
We have to accept the reality that this world is filled with special people; in fact, almost anyone can be special. This title is not exclusive to you, no matter how much yourself or other people have made you believe. Now, accepting this truth will not make you less of a person but will simply recontextualize your perceived status in this world, helping you to be more grounded and open to the ideas of others.

4. Admit your shortcomings.
If you want to loosen the grip of law in your life, you must learn to admit your shortcomings. Don’t be blinded by pride or dominated by pride. You are human like everyone else, which makes it quite normal for you to make mistakes and have disabilities. Once you start to recognize your shortcomings, humility and a more balanced outlook will soon follow.

5. Realize that you are only a specification in the universe.
The universe is big, and we are just a specification temporarily floating across its vast expanse. It doesn’t revolve around you, let alone created for you. The universe treats you with the same level of neutrality as everyone else, and that’s fine. Spend your limited time in the best possible way, but never forget the modest space you occupy.

6. Be more open to growth.
Some people derive their entitlement from the feeling that they have already reached the peak of growth. It is this perception that fuels their privileged self-image. To overcome this kind of right, you should not aim to reach the top of the mountain, but rather continually reach new heights. Always being open to growth will not only help you accept that you have more to learn, but also push past your perceived limits.

7. Show humility in success.
Go beyond your rights by showing humility in success. Sometimes too much success can make us arrogant and feel empowered in this world. We believe that because we are successful, then it is only natural that the world will give us more respect and favor than others. While it is true that you deserve to live a good life, you still need to keep your feet on the ground. Show empathy and understanding to those who are not doing as well as you, and be humbled that somehow there are factors other than you that have contributed to your success.

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8. Expose yourself more to the real world.
Do not take refuge in your own bubble of personal size. Expose yourself more to the real world, to discover just how ruthless and unfair it can be to just about anyone. You will find that not everyone has the chance to visit the Eifel Tower, get the promotion they deserve, or relax and watch Netflix at home. The more you immerse yourself in this reality, the more you will learn to accept that life owes you nothing and that in order to thrive you have to let go of your sense of entitlement and start showing that you have what it takes through hard work, of spirits and resistance.

9. Allow other people to call you.
Sometimes we act or speak without realizing that we are already entitled to it. This lack of awareness can be brought about by years of indoctrination, protected upbringing, callousness, or even oblivion of the indifference inherent in life. Whatever the reason, we need to allow other people to call us, so that we can become aware and make the necessary adjustments to our perceptions and actions. Don’t shy away from other people’s comments; accept them as constructive criticism that will enlighten you and make you a better person.

10. Risk more and fail more.
Sometimes you have to take risks and know failure to beat your right to submit. Taking risks will help an empowered person to be exposed to the reality that success is uncertain and will not simply be passed on to them, and that he / she must carefully weigh his or her chances like any other person. Otherwise, on the other hand, we will be able to experience firsthand the truth that everything is not destined to follow its path. Taking risks and failing multiple times will help those who are entitled to it learn to be humble and grow by learning from their mistakes.

Being proud and confident in yourself is not bad; however, one should not be too entitled to expect unreasonable privileges and recognition from the world. No matter who we are or how far we’ve come, we must remember to stay grounded in reality. We must remain aware of our shortcomings and limitations, and accept the humble position we temporarily occupy.

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