10 tips to develop ‘reading habit’ in children

The level of concentration of children reading with written knowledge is good. They spend more time with some material. Over time, his grip on that subject gradually gets better. They make rapid progress towards understanding and reading the content of other subjects in the same manner using their prior experience and understanding. This is the reason that while reading the book of the story, the children also start reading the course books diligently. But there is a need to work with patience to bring the children up to here.

Children reading books printed by NCERT reading cell in a government school.

Along with this, we have to take care that we do not fill any such prejudice in the minds of children that only story books are interesting. He only likes to read. Course books are boring. Because children hear these things directly from elders and assimilate them. They feel that if the elders are saying this, then they must be telling the truth. If this is said by the teacher, it becomes difficult to break the trust of children . Because children trust their teachers more than parents. You can see this by asking a parent or a teacher, then the role of a parent is also being actively played.

Ten things that help in the development of ‘Reading Habit’

  1. Give children a chance to spend time with books. So that children can get a good introduction to the world of books. Children’s book illustrations. Allow to view the main page. Let friends talk about that. Let the act of eating mango, guava, apple from fruit books. Let the feel of the train peep into the picture. In such a spontaneous experience, the secrets of becoming ‘independent readers’of the futureare hidden. Facilitate this process, do not impose too many rules on children. Help only when a child needs it; children themselves help themselves. You can also observe this.
  2. Trust 100% of the capacity of children that even young children can handle books responsibly. Children also enjoy watching books. The enjoyment of booksfor children is not limited to tearing the book. I have not seen any child using the pages of a good book with pictures in making boats or making airplanes. Influenced by the pictures and the story of the books, we have seen such children drawing butterflies and carts, children who were of the opinion of teacher colleagues that these children are of age, these children cannot write. You can also call this change the magic of telling stories and showing pictures of books.
  3. Tell the children the story before bedtime. Also give the children a chance to tell their opinion about the story.
  4. Tell children the story by reading from a book. During this time we can ask the child what story we heard yesterday. Children will also have their own choice, they will say that we have to hear the same story today.

Allow children to be introduced to books only with pictures. This will make children aware of their surroundings. Their cognitive ability will also develop. They will communicate with themselves on the pictures and try to express the things they have seen.

  1. Allow children to spend time by themselves with books.
  2. Allow two children to sit together and talk on the book.
  3. Keep in mind the variety of books. Sometimes a story, sometimes a story, sometimes a big book, sometimes use themed books (like letters, river, forest, fruit, flowers etc.).
  4. Do not force children to rote the story. Ask them a simple question about who was in the story. What were those people doing? What happened to a character? When did you enjoy this story?
  5. Finally, one of the most important things is, “As the level of children’s language gets better, give them books of higher level to read as well. Keep the challenge of reading infront of them , this will not only develop the reading level of children, but at the same time children will also be able to understand and read high level text. This preparation will prepare you to match the difficulty level of rapidly increasing readings according to the syllabus and class with ease.
by Abdullah Sam
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