What is the contribution of naturalism in education?

According to Morley, “Love is inherent in a naturalistic form, believing in human nature, wishing for justice and believing in others.” Naturalists value nature very much. They believe that the role of the laws of nature is paramount in governing the world.

In this, knowledge is given to sense. Naturalism believes that man has fallen away from nature, because of that he is sad. The solution to his sorrows is to return to nature. Naturalists lay more emphasis on human nature.

Rousseau was a supporter of naturalism

In a work called ‘Emily’, Rousseau, while presenting a completely different and fundamental idea towards education, urged him not to suppress the child’s natural impulses and instincts. Picture, Sincerely: Telegraph

Naturalism has given a direction to the explicit construction of psychological, social and scientific ideas of education. The naturalist movement gained worldwide recognition through the efforts of Russo. Rousseau believed that through education, we accuse our children of prejudice, so instead of putting our ideas on the children in a didactic style, they should have the freedom to learn from their own experiences. Rousseau was an advocate of ‘learning by himself’ in relation to teaching method .

Rousseau originally considered man to be an emotional and sensitive creature, so he had a greater emphasis on emotional development than on his intellectual development. Being an advocate of child liberty and ease of learning, Rousseau was against imposing any kind of discipline on children, especially against physical punishment.

Characteristics of naturalist education

  • Promoting child-centered education
  • Criticism of too much dependence on books
  • Love for nature
  • Importance of children’s freedom
  • Preference for children’s interest
  • Naturalism holds that the child’s ability and competence develop in interaction with nature
  • Emphasis on international training.
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