10 properties and use of Laurus Nobilis

The Laurel , whose botanical name is Laurus Nobilis , is a well-known plant that does not need large presentations. It is an evergreen plant of the Mediterranean maquis, known for its sapiential and aromatic properties. It is used in the kitchen to flavor and flavor roasts and second courses of fish and its beneficial effects are manifold: it has antiseptic, digestive, stimulating, pain-relieving and antirheumatic properties , even on distortions.

The plant of wisdom Laurus Nobilis

 The Alloro plan, for its extraordinary divinatory and propitiatory powers, was considered a sacred plant since ancient times. It is said that he had the power to reveal the future to those who used it and to bring good things.

It was also the plant dear to Apollo . The myth tells that the nymph Daphne was saved by this plant precisely because it was transformed into Alloro by her father Peneus, thus being able to escape from the pursuit by the god Apollo; but these, embracing the plant, felt the heart of the nymph palpate under the bark and decided from then on that all the things that he would have used would have been made of that plant, and that even his hair would have been girded.

The Laurel then became the symbol of wisdom and victory, so much so that we find it on the head of Aesculapius, the god of medicine, on that of the winners of the athletic competitions in Greece and Rome, but also on the heads of the condottieri (Giulio Cesare) and of the divine poets (Petrarca and Dante). Even today we use the head of those who achieve a degree, which is therefore called a “graduate”.

Laurus Nobilis Use and benefits

The plant uses the fruits, branches and leaves, which can be preserved for years without losing their properties. Essential oil can be obtained from the various parts of the plant, it is useful:

  • in case of fatigue from sports training, perform a sports-anti-fatigue massage with vegetable oil, along with a few drops of Laurel and Arnica essential oil; also excellent for soothing the pain of a sprain or to help the reabsorption of a bruise.

Bay leaves can be used for a relaxing foot bath, or a deodorant bath :

  • dip your feet in a basin, or in the bathtub, where some laurel leaves have been placed in boiling water beforehand, and you will get a restorative effect.

To promote digestion, it can be used internally, in the form of an infusion, decoction and oily dyeing of the leaves:

  • it is recommended to drink, after the meal, an infusion of Laurel, obtained leaving in infusion for 5 minutes, in 1 liter of boiling water, 30 g of dry or fresh leaves.

Laurus Nobilis contraindications and warnings

The Laurel is a very aromatic plant, so it is advisable not to abuse it, as it can trigger allergies. It is good to always try a minimum quantity and then increase the doses. For essential oil it is a good idea to follow the indications valid also for other oils, so never use it absolute but always diluted.

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