10 Minecraft tips and tricks

For the last 2-3 years I have been playing Minecraft with very experienced players. I would say that I learned some of the techniques of the game thanks to their help and mentoring.

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  • 1. Fences create great air pockets.
  • 2. Marking with signs on chests
  • 3. Unusual lighting – “cheat” style
  • 4. Cube-style design rooms
  • 5. Trash can to be hidden

Fences create great air pockets.

I tried to build many structures underwater and we had the same problem – breathing. Even in the Minecraft world, breathing underwater can be a challenge even with breathing helmets and water-affinity helmets. A good tip is to bring a stack of wooden fences with you. You can place them up to your height or stack them. Hell, you can draw a line with them to guide you to your projects!

Marking with signs on chests

With the new update, you can slide + click and put a sign on the chest. I love this update because no matter when I play Minecraft, my chest will better be impressive, accommodating a small town or army, and it will all be best labeled perfectly.

Unusual Lighting – Cheat Style

With a recent update to include item frames, you can make very general lighting that will brighten any room. Simply place the torch first, then place the item frame on top, and install the hatch INSIDE the frame. It makes any room look like a king lives there, and I’m very into Minecraft style interior decorating.

Cube-style design rooms

A good tip when decorating any room is to add plants. I know it is now possible to add mini bushes with flower pots and make them look great, but I still prefer potted plants. This is easy to do by simply using a cauldron and placing leaves of any style on top. They look so adorable in the corner or even just sit there.

Trash can to be hidden

I’ve played with a lot of people on survival servers and you’ll get a lot of junk along the way. Who Really Needs a Double Chest of Zombie Flesh? Well, since they add bunkers to the game, you can just place the bunker and let them fall into the lava pit underground. This way you won’t have a chance to pick it up again and it is easy to hide it. If you really want to imagine it, but the hatch is on top and it adds exactly that flair.

REALLY useful mods

I am very spoiled by Minecraft. I started playing with the complete jar file from a friend, including the texture pack and mods that helped me build. To be honest, I can’t play without the Reis minimap or its equivalent and Optifine. My laptop was very poor at the time, and even with the new and improved laptop, I still love the options that Optifine has. I would recommend them to any Minecraft player. And if you like to fight, MacroMod is your choice! You can link hero skills to keys and even teams.

Hope you enjoyed some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way. If you’ve heard this, I’m sorry, and maybe next time I’ll post something that will shock your world!

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