Minecraft: How To Build A Very Simple And Effective TNT Trap

Every time you play Minecraft with your friends and want to scare them? Especially if they are inexperienced in hit building. This trap will scare them for sure! It’s very easy to build and to be honest, it makes great use of our friendly TNT unit!

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  • 1. Let’s start building!
  • 2. How does the trap work?

Let’s start building!

First, you will need the following items: a shovel, a lot of dirt or gravel, and a pressure plate (if you chose dirt, make a wooden pressure plate, and if you chose gravel, make a pressure plate out of stone) and, most importantly, TNT. and a lot of it!

Second, dig straight down to a sufficient length and when you reach the desired depth, use a shovel and pickaxe to clear the area around the bottom of the hole. I recommend making a 4×4 square bay with no single block in the roof so the victim can fall through!

Third, once you have dug a large enough area, fill the square with TNT, but leave the top two blocks of the square open for the victim to fall.

Finally, using a jump tactic or any other method, get out of the hole, but make sure there are two TNT-free blocks after the victim is trapped. Once you exit the pit, cover the second block on top of the pit with TNT and place a block of gravel or sand on top of a solid block of TNT. Place the pressure plate on gravel or sand and wait.

How does a trap work?

When your victim passes over the pressure plate, it sends out a TNT redstone signal supporting the gravel or sand. From there, the TNT will fall (causing your victim to fall with it) into the giant TNT hole, and when the already activated TNT block explodes, it will set off a chain reaction, blowing up the TNT cache in the hole!

This is a really fun trap for those looking to trap new players (or experienced players if you’re lucky) and mobs.

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