10 Examples of Preface Full Papers

The paper consists of several structures which generally have standard standards.

One of the things that is usually present in a paper is the preface of the paper. Preface also often appears in various scientific papers besides papers, such as journals, theses, theses, proposals and others. Well, in this article, what we will discuss further is about the sample introductory papers.

Previously, did you know what the preface to the paper was? The preface in the paper contains explanatory paragraphs that aim to lead the reader to capture a general picture of the contents of the paper / paper as a whole.

The way to make a paper introduction is fairly easy. Most important, in the preface there is a description of the title, the background of the title selection, and the importance of the title discussed. General description of the contents of the paper, such as the method, location of research and focus of the research also needs to be presented, if the information contained in the paper.

To better understand, let’s immediately look at a few examples of the introductory papers below.

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Examples of introductory papers 1

Praise the author presents to the presence of God Almighty, because for his grace and guidance, the author can complete a paper entitled “Export Strategy of Indonesian Textile Products to the Asian Market”. This study is the domain of the study of International Economics.

The author has an interest in the export strategy of Indonesian textile products, especially for expansion in the Asian market. Indonesian textile products are known for their quality. The export value of textile products continues to increase. This also happened to exports to countries in Asia. The author feels it is important to know and map the export strategy of textile products carried out by Indonesia, especially for expansion in the Asian market. By knowing this strategy, Indonesia can continue to drive exports of these textile products and know what strengths they have, as well as their weaknesses.

With this paper, the author hopes to broaden the insight of the readers regarding Indonesia’s export strategy. The author also wants this article to be useful for exporters of textile products and various other relevant parties who can use them. If there are suggestions and criticisms about what is discussed in this paper, the author is open to accept it.

Example Paper Preface 2

The author is very grateful because this paper can be resolved smoothly and various obstacles encountered can be resolved properly. This paper with the theme ‘Character Education in the Modern Era’ is expected to be able to provide insights and information that are useful for writers as well as for readers.

In various eras in life, past eras, now even into the future, education is important. The importance of education is actually not only related to formal education, but also in character education. Moreover, in the modern era like today, many people assume that character education has changed a lot and has actually experienced degradation.

In this paper, the character education in this modern era is explained. Hopefully with the description and description of today’s modern era character education, the reader can get a clearer picture of the related theme. The author is open if there are readers who have suggestions or input on the papers written.

Example Paper Preface 3

This paper takes the theme of ‘factors causing social deviations in society’. The author raises this theme because of the rise of various community activities which are the embodiment of social deviations. In fact, social deviations are a negative thing.

The author is grateful for successfully completing a paper related to this social deviation. The purpose of writing this paper in general is to find out what are the factors causing social deviations that occur in society. That way, we can anticipate the emergence of social deviations, and how to deal with them.

Hopefully this paper on social deviance can make a positive contribution to society. If there are deficiencies or inaccuracies in this paper, the authors apologize and correct them.

Example Preface to Paper 4

Praise and thanksgiving we pray to God Almighty because for the blessings of His grace and guidance, we were able to complete the task of this paper. This paper is a history subject assignment, as a condition to take the final grade promotion exam

In this paper, we try to elaborate on the history of Indonesia’s struggle for independence, which was pioneered by the establishment of the Budi Utomo organization as the first national organization in Indonesia. From this journey of the struggle for independence, we want to convey in a coherent and clear manner about how Indonesia struggled to wrest its independence from the Netherlands.

Hopefully through the explanation in this paper, readers can gain insight. We also hope that this article is able to describe these historical events precisely and clearly. If there are mistakes and shortcomings, we are ready to receive input from readers.

Example Preface to Paper 5

I give my deep gratitude to the presence of Almighty God. For his demands, I can find it easy to complete this paper. I feel happy and proud because in the end, I can present useful information for all readers.

During this time, many people do not understand the general principles of personality psychology. Lay people think that personality psychology only needs to be understood by psychologists and psychiatrists. In fact, ordinary people can also learn the psychology of personality. This will be useful to add insight as well as facilitate someone to build good relationships with others. Eventually, harmonious relationships will be created in social life.

For this reason, I hope that this paper will be able to present clear information to readers about personality psychology. Descriptions are sought as light as possible, hopefully it can be useful for anyone who reads. Do not forget, sorry if there are deficiencies in this paper.

Sample Foreword Papers 6

There is no deeper word than Gratitude, which we can say for the completion of this paper. Because, this paper is expected to be a place for channeling information that is useful for readers in general. We present a paper with the theme “Become a Superior Person” with the aim of providing positive education for anyone in order to have a superior personality.

We strive to summarize various insights about personality material in this paper. We also try to add various practical tips so that this paper can provide useful information for readers. The readers are expected to be able to understand each content presented in this paper well.

Do not forget, we express our gratitude to the readers for their willingness to read this paper. We are also grateful if anyone wishes to submit suggestions or criticisms of the contents of this paper.

Example Preface to Paper 7

The author offers deep gratitude to the Lord of the Universe. With God’s guidance, this paper can be completed without any significant obstacles. We can also describe every problem formulation presented in this paper smoothly.

This paper seeks to address the social problems that take place in society, as described in the background of the problem. Social problems concerning welfare and social inequality are indeed complicated problems in social phenomena. To that end, the author tries to answer these challenges by presenting our ideas as an alternative step to overcome the problem.

We hope that this paper can provide maximum benefits for all parties concerned. Not to forget, the authors express our gratitude to our supervisors, as well as offer an apology if there are still shortcomings and errors in this paper. Hopefully not reduce the essence and intention of the author to share.

Example Preface to Paper 8

The author’s deep gratitude goes to the presence of God, the Great God. With his guidance, the author can finally get the ease and fluency in working on this paper to completion. The author has tried to be able to present the best reviews in this paper, so the results can be as expected.

In this paper, the author tries to be able to describe the creative ideas of the writer, about how to ideally manage the environment. The environment that is around us is a very valuable asset to be passed on to future generations. Therefore, it is appropriate for us to maintain and care for it in the best ways so that we can continue to enjoy its benefits, and still make it sustainable.

If in this paper there are deficiencies and errors, the authors apologize profusely. The author is open to all criticisms and suggestions submitted for the improvement of this paper. If there are good and strengths, it comes from God alone. Thank you for the support of all parties involved and hopefully this paper can be of maximum benefit to the reader.

Sample Foreword Papers 9

It feels proud because the author can complete the task of this paper. Even though it is hard and full of hard work, it can finally be resolved. Therefore, do not forget the authors offer their highest gratitude to the Lord of the Universe. Without His permission, of course the author could not complete this paper.

Not to forget, the author also expressed his sincere gratitude for those who supported the completion of this paper. For Mr / Mrs supervisors and resource persons who are willing to take the time to answer our questions. Hopefully, the support that has been given can be as broad as possible for many people.

The author realizes that this paper may still be far from perfect. Missing and lacking here and there may still be. So, please understand and forgive these weaknesses. If you wish, the writer will be happy to receive helpful input from readers so that the writer can produce better papers later on. thanks.

Sample Foreword Papers 10

After struggling with a long struggle, this paper can finally be completed as well. Of course, we, as the drafting team of this paper, are very grateful for the completion of this paper. We offer our deepest gratitude to Allah the Most Guide. We also want to express our gratitude to the parties involved to provide support for us in the completion of this paper.

This paper has been prepared to provide an overview of natural disaster mitigation activities. Everyone certainly does not expect disaster. But, knowing the right steps to deal with natural disasters is important. Because, we will not know what might happen to us in the future. At the very least, by understanding this general picture of disaster mitigation, readers can anticipate the worst that can befall, while hoping to continue to get the best path in life.

Our hope, this paper can provide the greatest benefit for anyone who reads it. We hope that the readers will also forgive if there are deficiencies and errors in this paper. We will also feel happier if there are readers who are willing to provide suggestions and constructive criticism for us. So, in the preparation of the next paper, we can present something better. thanks.

These are some examples of introductory papers that can be described in this article. Hopefully this discussion is useful and can be understood properl

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