10 Examples of Techniques

Techniques are understood as  the set of rules and procedures that must be followed to carry out an activity or work correctly.

The use of the techniques establishes that in similar situations, repeating the same procedures will give the same results.

The techniques are used in all human activities and one of its characteristics is that the more times it is applied, the better results are obtained.

10 Examples of Techniques:

  1. The technique for solving equations of the first degree.
  2. The technique for performing a lung operation.
  3. The technique to give a relaxing massage.
  4. The technique for performing arm exercises.
  5. The technique for playing the piano.
  6. The technique for making an oil painting.
  7. The boxing technique.
  8. The technique of preparing a cake.
  9. The technique for programming a computer.
  • The technique for playing the piano.
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