10 examples of business rules

Do you know what business rules are and how they can help a lot to streamline processes in your company?

So, check out this definition of ABPMP BPM CBOK V3.0:

“Business rule is the logic that guides behavior and defines WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW it will be done, as well as how the business will be managed or governed. Rules can take many forms, from simple Boolean decisions to decisions involving more complex rules of logic. Rules are declarative and cannot be decomposed without losing their meaning ”

In this post, you will see 10 examples of business rules clearly defined for everyone involved in the process. For this to work properly, it is also very important to create a business rules document that formalizes what they are and how they should be applied.

Now, see some examples of business rules for an information system.

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10 examples of business rules

Business rules in software can help companies make decisions quickly and securely.

But many people have doubts about how this works in practice. To make everything clearer, nothing like analyzing some examples of business rules, check out:

Examples of business rules in a bank:

To cash a check at the cashier:

“Checks up to R $ 100.00 reais, clear without checking the signature; between R $ 100.01 and R $ 500.00, check signature; over R $ 500.00, check paper quality and other security items, in addition to the signature ”

To grant an overdraft limit up to R $ 1,500.00:

“You must have been a bank customer for more than a year, never having issued bad checks and no restrictions on credit verification systems”

To grant a loan for the purchase of vehicles up to R $ 50,000.00:

“You must have been a customer of the bank for more than two years, never to have issued bad checks, no restrictions on credit verification systems, to have a proven income of R $ 7,500.00 and not to be using overdraft or revolving credit card. credit worth more than R $ 2,500.00 ”

Examples of business rules in an e-commerce:

Imagine that you need to define business rules to detect e-commerce fraud.

A common rule, to this end, could be this:

“If the CPF has no restrictions and the operator indicates that the card has an available limit, release the purchase”

But, unfortunately, those who commit fraud in e-commerce usually specialize in circumventing exactly this type of most basic and obvious control.

Therefore, one way out is to create other business rules in your information system that are increasingly complex and detailed.

However, for that, it is necessary to have some more in-depth data on the profile of those who commit fraud.

According to research , the profile of fraudsters is individuals over 30 years old, most of them men, with excellent education and good knowledge of accounting.

In this case, it could be creating a more complex rule, based on customer profile data:

“Check the customer’s profile in our database. For men over 30 and with an accounting background, in addition to checking that the CPF has no restrictions and the limit available on the card, call the customer and confirm their details before releasing the purchase ”

But your company can rely on other types of relevant information. For example: your database indicates that fraud is more common with certain types of products and for values ​​above a thousand reais.

Thus, you can include this check further in your business rule:

“Check the customer’s profile in our database. For men over 30 and with an accounting background, in addition to checking that the CPF has no restrictions and the limit available on the card, call the customer and confirm their details before releasing the purchase. In addition, for purchases of products on the VISADOS PARA FRAUDE list and purchases over R $ 1,000, consult more than one credit verification agency, the list of pseudonyms used by fraudsters and of lost or stolen documents ”

In some cases, as business rules are being managed by a business rules engine, which does everything automatically, there is no need to divide the rules into levels of complexity, because automation will bring greater security at all levels, without making slower process.

Check out this diagram that illustrates a complex business rule automated by a business rules engine.

See that it involves automatic querying of various databases and information systems:

Source: ASBPM

Examples of business rules in factories and offices:

In a law firm, to decide what level of attorney will be responsible for a case:

“For cases up to R $ 5,000.00, junior lawyers; between R $ 5,000,000 and R $ 25,000.00, full lawyers; between R $ 25,000.00 and R $ 75,000.00, senior lawyers. Regardless of the value of the case, clients on the “Premium” list must have the cases forwarded to a partner of the company who will define which lawyer will be responsible for the case ”

To define promotion criteria in an HR process :

“To be admitted to the list of likely future directors of the company, the candidate must have at least 5 years of service; speak English fluently; having a postgraduate degree at the same time and having already made at least 3 international trips representing the company. In addition, count on great performance evaluations ”

To allow a produced part to be taken to the next step in the process:

“If the part weighs between 999.9 kg and 1000.1 kg and the outlet duct wall thickness is between 0.20 and 0.23 mm, it can be sent to the next stage of the process”

In a juice bottler, to accept or not a batch of oranges that will be squeezed:

“If more than one orange in every thousand seems unfit for consumption in the visual inspection by sampling, the batch will be refused”

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Do you use business rules in your company?

Were these examples of business rules in information systems useful to you? Do you use rules like these in your company?

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