10 digital needs of today’s companie

Digital transformation is an unstoppable and indispensable process for the development and survival of companies. There is no other option: companies that have not yet done so, must begin as soon as possible a process of global and integral adaptation to new technologies if they do not want to stay out of the market.


The concept of digital transformation goes far beyond improving the use of new technologies by companies. It is about  rebuilding , many times in a profound way,  the dynamics of internal operations of companies and their relationships with customers and suppliers , in order to adapt to this new era marked by the unstoppable development of new technologies.


Another key aspect of the digital transformation is the use of the  new business opportunities generated by these technologies , some already totally real and others potential. However, the  process of digital transformation is not easy  and for its implementation today most companies face a series of  digital needs  that they must try to solve as soon as possible.



Several studies have identified the following as the  most common needs of organizations  in the field of digital transformation:

  1. Recruitment and loyalty of digital customers . In this regard, communication with customers through digital channels (blog, social networks, etc.) is essential.
  2. Maintain feedback with the client . Companies are not sufficiently exploiting the possibilities of new technologies to improve interaction and customer contact, so they are losing business opportunities, and loyalty.
  3. Know better customer behaviors . The new technologies allow the implementation of metrics and monitoring actions that allow us to investigate customer behaviors and needs.
  4. Develop a digital marketing plan . It is essential to work on digital marketing and advertising actions based on a well-planned previous strategy.
  5. Improve the use of social media . It is not enough to open corporate profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we must also nurture them with content of value adapted and customized to the profile of our clients.
  6. Generate engagement . Most companies still do not work sufficiently with the relationship with customers and identification with the brand.
  7. Little digital innovation . R + d + i (research, development and innovation) is the great pending issue of most companies.
  8. Coordination of digital equipment . The implementation of work systems in the cloud, where different team members can consult and share information from any point and place is another fundamental aspect.
  9. Improve the organic positioning of the company’s website . For this it is necessary to implement SEO strategies based on the contents and other aspects relevant to Google and the rest of search engines.
  10. CRM software implementation . In order to have a database of our customers, suppliers and other contacts that is agile, efficient and comprehensive.
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