10 Agrimony properties and benefits

The agrimonia eupatoria is a perennial herbaceous plant common in the countryside of all Europe and belongs to the Rosaceae family. Growing mainly in dry meadows like pastures and plains, the agrimony is quite easy to find. Agrimony is mainly used as a natural remedy for colds and skin diseases.

Agrimony, benefits and therapeutic properties of eupatoria agrimonia.

Thanks to its strong astringent action, the eupatoria ceremony is effective in the natural treatment of the gastric or intestinal tract and in fighting the onset of diarrhea and dysentery. The agrimony also has a positive effect on the digestive processes, facilitating the emission of gastric juices and digestion in general. Through some studies, the eupatoria is considered to have a hypoglycemic property, capable of stimulating insulin secretion.

The agrimony also favors the elimination of kidney stones and some pathologies that afflict in particular the kidneys can derive relief from the assumption of agrimonia eupatoria.

Agrimony external use and contraindications of agrimonia eupatoria

There are no particular contraindications on the use of agrimonia eupatoria, but thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it is encouraged to use it externally on skin and mucous membranes in the event of abrasions and dermatitis . For the properties already mentioned the most common use of the agrimonia eupatoria is through decoction.

Eupatory agrimony decoction: inflammatory against rashes and not only

  • 1.5 grams of shredded agrimony (maximum daily dose)
  • ¼ liters of water

Remember that during the harvesting of the agrimation eupatoria it is necessary to tear the stem and the leaves by hand and let them dry separately in a shady and well-ventilated environment. Usually after drying the agrimony will give off a pleasant aroma and a slight bitter aftertaste.

Chop the eupatoria agrimonia plant and place it gently on a soup-infused spoon in a cup of boiling water for at least 15-20 minutes depending on the temperature of the water used during the agrimilation infusion.Filter the agrimony through a sieve and remember to take at most three cups of infusion of agrimonia eupatoria per day. For external use it is possible to use the decoction of agrimony for gargling or wraps on rashes

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