How to win at roulette: systems, methods and tricks to use online too

The roulette is one of the games most famous casinos in the world. Perhaps we are talking about the most famous and loved. Introduced in France in the eighteenth century, the red and black wheel has become a must for all fans of betting and gambling. And over time the players have asked themselves questions, trying to understand if there are tricks to win at roulette. For decades, more or less effective systems have been studied and perfected to win the king of casino games.

But do these methods usually really work? Is there any trick to surely win? The question is legitimate and the answer, as you can imagine, is not immediate. So let’s do some clarity or at least let’s try.

The most famous ways to win at roulette

Over the years, many scholars and roulette enthusiasts have proposed their methods to win the game . The most famous strategy is probably the martingale which basically suggests playing double down until a streak of bets is closed in the positive.

But besides this strategy there have been other attempts to propose systems that could bring a mathematical advantage to the players. Among the most famous are:

  • The d’Alembert upright:  Which consists of increasing the amount of your bet by 1 unit (and not doubling as in the Martingale)
  • The Fibonacci progression: mathematical sequence that requires adding the amount of the last two bets to establish the amount of the next one.
  • Paroli system : which involves doubling the stake on the bet just won, widely used for bets on red / black, even / odd and high / low.

The obvious thing is how these systems focus on the size of the bets in the various phases of the game, clearly avoiding to suggest strategies on which numbers to play. At most, you can indicate the most profitable types of bets in relation to each of the strategies listed above.

Applying roulette methods: math doesn’t lie

Those who are not well versed in mathematics may be fascinated by these theories and the desire to test them in practice is understandable. Unfortunately, however, most roulette systems don’t work. Sorry, but the house edge over players, while lower than many other gambling games, almost always guarantees a long-term payout to the house. We are talking about 2.7% for those who do not know.

It is enough to pause for a moment on the roulette pay tables to understand that something is missing in the return to the player. Trivially, it’s zero that messes up the calculations in roulette . A single number bet should pay 37 times the amount, not 36. Similarly, 50% bets (such as red and black or even and odd) actually win less than half the time, again due to presence. zero.

Methods based on cold mathematics can hardly turn the tide in the player’s favor. The only methods that could really turn out to be successful for players are those related to live reels. In fact, there are theories that advise you to carefully observe the casts of the croupier and the small imperfections of the wheels or balls. You may find that there are areas or numbers where the ball will land more frequently or in any case more likely. But you have to be really careful observers to realize these things, spending a lot of time.

The tricks to win both live and online roulette


Therefore, it is better not to focus too much on certain systems and approach roulette using more general tricks that can still give satisfaction in the long run.

First of all, don’t overdo your bets and stick to your bankroll limits . This is a rule that applies to any type of game , both live and online.

That said, rather than understanding how to win at roulette, you need to try to play wisely and maximize the winning shots that will sooner or later be hit.

First of all, identify the roulettes with only one zero , where it is certainly more convenient to take sides.

Then try not to over-smear your chips and focus on a few plays . You decide if you want to bet on the numbers, knowing that you win more but less often, or if you prefer to play longer and distribute the chips on 50/50 bets (like red / black and even / odd).

How to win at online roulette: some tips for setting the right strategy

If once the game of roulette was practically possible only in casinos with all the logistical problems that this entails (they are not always right at home), today the situation has changed considerably thanks to offers such as Gioco Digitale , which provides real and its own online casinos with live dealers , where roulette as always has the lion’s share of the most popular games.

Furthermore, playing online roulette brings interesting advantages in terms of betting strategies: in fact, thanks to the game interface it will be possible to automatically set your bets , choosing from time to time which kind of typical roulette bet to  make at different moments of the game. You will then have the possibility to automatically adjust the repetition of a winning bet , or choose to play orphans, series 5/8 and close to zero simply with a click.

This possibility provided by the gaming software reduces the errors that can occur during the execution of bets.

Finally, the other great advantage dictated by online gaming is to have constantly updated game statistics, for those who do not want to rely only on luck, but also want to put a pinch of their wits into it during the game.


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