Why is the sound not working on Snapchat

In recent years, it is very common to see not only among young people, but also among adults the continued use of social networks, giving these platforms good growth. That is the case of the Snapchat platform, which has become very famous thanks to  the advantages  of this application.

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  1. What catches the attention of Snapchat?
  2. How to fix Snapchat sound issues
    1. Check silent mode
    2. Try turning up the volume on your phone
    3. turn off bluetooth
    4. Try restarting your phone
    5. Grant permissions to the app

What catches the attention of Snapchat?

What is most striking about the Snapchat application is that this platform is easy to use and, in turn, provides users with security and privacy . An example of this is the function of sending photos or videos with a duration of 10 seconds and once viewed, the multimedia is deleted and cannot be recovered.

Of course, like all such platforms, Snapchat often has login  issues that affect the normal development of the app. One such issue that users have been complaining about is the status  and video sound malfunctioning.

For this reason, we want to explain in this article how you can solve sound problems on the platform by reviewing some functions of your own mobile device.

How to fix Snapchat sound issues

Since this is a very common problem, the developers of the platform and the users themselves have provided several solutions that have fixed the problem. Now we will mention about 5 things that you can check on your mobile and thus, check later if the problem has been resolved.

Check silent mode

In both Android and iOS devices, it is normal that at some point the silent mode of the mobile has been activated by mistake and you have forgotten to activate it again. When this mode is activated, the mobile will not automatically play the sounds of Snapchat and any other application.

The solution for this problem is quite simple, you just have to disable the silent mode and activate the automatic playback of sounds in the Snapchat application. This is the first solution that you can take into account to be able to activate the sound once you enter the Snapchat platform.

Try turning up the volume on your phone

All smart mobile devices in use now have certain settings for each sound option, be it Ringtone, System, Notifications and Multimedia.

Each of these sound options has its own settings on mobile; in that case, it is necessary that the sound of Notifications and Multimedia are always activated. To make sure both have a good volume, press one of the volume keys and the options to configure will appear on the screen.

turn off bluetooth

Something that could happen is that you may have previously connected your device with a speaker via Bluetooth and it may still be connected, and that is why the sounds are not heard. In that case, what you should do is disconnect or turn off the Bluetooth of your mobile and if that is the problem, it will surely be solved.

Try restarting your phone

Now, it is possible that when trying the solutions that we gave you previously, the problem is not fixed and the sound of the application continues to fail. We could say that perhaps the problem is that the cache space of your mobile has run out or that its operating system is out of date.

If the problem has to do with what we have explained, surely   restart your phone so that the errors are updated. If you have a Samsung brand mobile, we have recently published an article that informs you to do a correct restart, even if it is blocked .

Grant permissions to the app

On the other hand, something that has worked for many is to grant permissions to the Snapchat application, so that it can access other applications or mobile functions. To do that, you have to go to the device settings and enter ‘Applications’ where you have to search for the Snapchat app.

Once inside you must access Privacy, and there will appear the functions of the mobile to which you have access or to which you can give access. If by doing that you can’t give it permission, you can uninstall the app and install it again so that the permissions it can access are updated.



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