Who was Naim’s widow?

Naim’s widow was a lady from the time of Jesus who had lost her only son. When he arrived in Nain, Jesus raised the widow’s son . This miracle impressed many people across the region.

Naim was a small town some distance from Capernaum, Judea. One day, during his ministry, Jesus went to visit Nain. Upon arriving in the city he was faced with a procession, taking a body to be buried ( Luke 7: 11-12 ). The dead man was the only son of his mother, who was a widow.

When he saw the widow, Jesus was very compassionate and spoke to her. Then he approached the coffin and told the dead young man to get up. And the boy woke up! Jesus then handed the boy over to his mother ( Luke 7: 13-15 ). Everyone who saw this miracle was amazed and praised God, recognizing Jesus as a great prophet.

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The importance of the miracle in Naim

Naim’s widow had lost her only son, her only close family. In addition to being a devastating blow for a mother to lose her child, at that time it also meant that she would have no one to support her in her old age. With the death of her son, Naim’s widow lost everything.

Jesus restored the son’s life and the mother’s life! He completely changed the destiny of this family. That’s what Jesus does – it restores life. He has compassion on us and offers us a new life ( John 11: 25-26 ).

Jesus did not just say a few words of comfort to the widow of Nain; he acted! When Jesus comes, wonderful things happen. The situation is not the same.

Only a few of the greatest Old Testament prophets had resurrected anyone. This resurrection showed that Jesus’ power was very great! His fame grew even more after resurrecting the son of Naim’s widow ( Luke 7: 16-17 ). The people recognized that God had sent them a great blessing. Nothing is impossible for Jesus!


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