Who was Lazarus?

Jazarus was Jesus’ friend who was resurrected. He was the brother of Martha and Mary, who sometimes hosted Jesus in their home. Lazarus ‘resurrection was a great testimony of Jesus’ power.

The Bible says little about the life of Lazarus. He lived in a village called Bethany, which was close to Jerusalem, and had two sisters: Martha and Mary . Lazarus and his sisters seem to have been good friends with Jesus. He visited his home a few times during his ministry.

The Resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus became known because of the time when Jesus raised him. Jesus was nearing the end of his ministry when, one day, he received the news that Lazarus was very ill . Jesus loved his friend Lazarus and his sisters, but when he heard the news he decided to wait a few days ( John 11: 4-6 ).

So Jesus called his disciples and told them that Lazarus had fallen asleep and needed to be woken up. The disciples did not understand, so Jesus explained more clearly: Lazarus was dead ( John 11: 11-13 ).

From the place where Jesus was to Bethany, the trip must have lasted a few days because, when they arrived, Lazarus was already dead and buried for four days! Marta and Maria were still mourning Lazarus, crying and receiving consolation visits from friends.

Martha went to Jesus and told him that Lazarus would not have died if he had arrived earlier. Jesus told Martha that he had the power to resurrect Lazarus but Martha thought he was talking only about the resurrection at the end of time ( John 11: 24-26 ).

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Jesus called for Mary, who said the same thing as Martha. Seeing the sadness of all those around him, Jesus wept, moved ( John 11: 33-36 ). He went to the tomb and had the stone that covered the door removed.

Martha replied that the body already smelled bad but Jesus insisted. Therefore, the stone was removed. Jesus prayed to God, then called Lazarus and told him to leave the tomb ( John 11: 43-44 ). And Lazarus obeyed!

The consequences of Lazarus’ resurrection

Everyone who saw Lazarus leave the tomb alive was amazed. Because of this miracle, many people believed in Jesus! But some people were not happy – the people’s religious leaders.

Lazarus’ resurrection prompted religious leaders to urgently look for a way to kill Jesus, lest they lose their power ( John 11: 47-49 ). Because of this, Jesus had to withdraw from public life for a time. Shortly thereafter, Jesus was crucified.

The miracle also generated persecution against Lazarus, because he had become a celebrity, the man who had been resurrected. Jesus’ enemies wanted to remove the evidence of the miracle. Lazarus’ restored life had become a strong testimony and many believed in Jesus because of him ( John 12: 9-11 ).

When Jesus went to visit Lazarus again, just before his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, a large crowd gathered to see Jesus and Lazarus. Everyone wants to see the great miracle!

It is not known what happened to Lazarus after that. But his testimony brought many people to Jesus.

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