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Were you thinking of buying an Xbox to make a gift for the family or have some fun with friends but, not being particularly experienced in videogames, before taking this step would you like some clarifications about the various console models available on the market? No problem, you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

With today’s post, in fact, I’ll give you a hand to understand the differences between Xbox 360 (now practically out of the market), Xbox One , Xbox One S , Xbox One X, the new generation of consoles represented by Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and I’ll help you find the right console for your needs. I assure you that the choice will be much simpler than you think: you just have to learn to “read” some technical specifications, set a budget to spend on the console and identify the titles that appeal to you the most (assuming you want to buy a bundle including games).

C’mon! Take five minutes of free time, carefully read the directions I am about to give you and find out which Xbox to choose based on your practical and economic needs. There are tons of configurations and bundles to choose from. Happy reading and have fun!


  • Xbox versions available
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    • Xbox Series S
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    • Xbox One S
    • Xbox One
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  • How to choose an Xbox
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    • Performance and resolution
    • Internal memory
    • Kinect support
  • Which Xbox to buy
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Xbox versions available

As already mentioned, in the shops it is possible to find various Xbox models , each of which belongs to a different generation of consoles and with peculiar characteristics and functions. Let’s find out all in detail starting from the last generation available.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X represents the new generation of Microsoft, the one that competes directly with Sony’s PS5. It is the last console made by the American manufacturer released on 10/11/2020. It supports native 4K titles (therefore not upscaled from Full HD resolution but made directly by developers in UltraHD resolution) and HDR up to 8K . It has a bulkier case than the previous Xbox models, but it serves to contain its hardware equipment to say the least powerful, in which figure: the custom Zen 2 processor with 8 cores and a frequency of 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz with SMT ); a 12 TERAFLOP AMD GPU with 52 compute units at 1.825 GHz and a custom RDNA 2 architecture; a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical player; 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a1TB SSD , much faster and more immediate than the mechanical disks of the old consoles. Also on the audio front it offers the maximum from the gaming point of view thanks to Dolby Digital 5.1 which uses Dolby TrueHD with Atmos to make sure that the sound hits the player from several points bringing him to the center of the action.

Games optimized for Xbox Series X have very short loading times and an extraordinary image quality capable of reaching up to 120 fps. It is also compatible with thousands of games from the previous 4 Xbox generations and thanks to the Smart Delivery function it is possible to buy a supported game only once and play it in the best version available depending on the Microsoft console used. Unfortunately, the Microsoft launch line-up lacks exclusive games for the console, a choice that reflects the brand’s strategy of focusing on the service, the Xbox Game Pass, which we can compare to a “Netflix of video games”. The service offered by Microsoft allows you to play with many different titles, always updated, by paying a single annual or monthly subscription, as we will see in the appropriate section of this guide. The Xbox Series X exclusives will arrive, in fact titles such as “Hellblade II Senua’s Saga”, “Everwild” and “Fable” have already been shown, which will be released during the first one or two years of the console’s life.

The controller has also been improved and revised in the design now more manageable and less bulky than the previous one with triggers that offer greater grip even during the most hectic game phases. Sharing has been enhanced, with a special button to directly share content on the screen and compatibility has been extended not only to Xbox Series X / S and Windows PCs but also to the Android system, to play with the convenience of a controller.

In conclusion, Xbox Series X, thanks to its “monstrous” hardware specifications, is the ideal machine for those who do not have a high-end PC and have a good 4K TV with HDR support. However, it becomes difficult to recommend it to those who already have a very powerful PS5 or gaming PC.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is always part of the new generation of Microsoft, released on 11/10/2020, and we could define it as the younger and all digital sister of Xbox Series X. This console does not have an optical reader, but can always count on the service Xbox Game Pass and compatibility with thousands of games from the previous 4 Xbox generations. Being a halved and also low cost version of the X Series, the resolution of the games only reaches 1440p, or 2K and auto HDR. The case is also smaller than its big sister and contains: a 3.6 GHz custom 8-core Zen 2 processor (3.4 GHz with SMT); an AMD 4 TERAFLOP GPU with 20 compute units at 1.565 GHz and a custom RDNA 2 architecture; 10GB of 128-bit GDDR6 RAM and ahard drive halved from 512GB , but still faster than a hard drive. The audio side, on the other hand, remains with the same equipment thanks to Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD support with Atmos . In terms of games, the performance points to 120 fps, while we have available the aforementioned Xbox Game Pass service and the same exclusives of Xbox Series X, which will begin to arrive next year.

In conclusion, Xbox Series S is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much on a console, always ideal if you do n’t have a high-end PC and aren’t looking for the maximum resolution from every image .

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio ) is the latest evolution of the Xbox One and supports native 4K titles . It now belongs to the console generation prior to the last one, but still offers good performance thanks to the technical specifications it hides under the slim body: the SoC Scorpio Engine, which includes a 2.3 GHz Octa-core CPU; an AMD Radeon GPU with 40 1172 MHz computational units (with 6 teraflops of graphics computing, compared to the 1.4 of the Xbox One S and the 1.3 of the Xbox One); 12GB of GDDR5 RAM (of which 9GB reserved exclusively for games) and a 1TB hard drive. It is capable of playing and recording 4K video at 60 frames per secondand to improve, by keeping at full resolution, all those titles for Xbox One and One S that use a resolution reduction system to maintain a constant framerate. Another “plus” of Xbox One X compared to lower models is the support for virtual and augmented reality applications . Of course, all the advantages and features present on Xbox One S are also maintained.

Xbox One S

Released in June 2016, the Xbox One S was the first evolution of the Xbox One launched by Microsoft. This is a “slim” version of the Xbox One characterized by a 40% more compact case than the previous model (29.5 x 23 x 6.5 cm for 2.9Kg of weight), by the presence of physical Power and Eject keys (instead of soft touch) and the integration of the power supply into the body of the console. It also marks the introduction of support for 4K resolution (2160p @ 60Hz) and HDR10 technology for more faithful reproduction of light and shadow. Games are not played in native 4K format, but are upscaled from Full HD 1080p to 4K resolution, that is, they are improved in resolution thanks to “artificial” image enhancement systems. Thanks to the integration of a smaller and more efficient CPU, a slightly faster GPU and higher bandwidth for ESRAM, Xbox One S is able to play titles that do not have a locked framerate 7-11% smoother. compared to Xbox One.

Also noteworthy is the support for UltraHD Blu-Ray , 4K streaming content and the presence, in the sales package, of a revised and corrected version of the Xbox controller with Bluetooth support (this means that it is possible to use it with other Bluetooth devices without use additional dongles) and minor improvements regarding ergonomics. Also interesting is the removal of the port for the Kinect, which starting from this model of the Microsoft console must be used via a USB adapter. Speaking of pure specs, the console is equipped with an AMD 8-core 1.75 GHz CPU (consisting of 2 Jaguar Quad-Core modules), 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and a GPU with 12 914 MHz compute units.

In 2019 a variant of the console without an optical drive was also introduced, therefore without a physical disk drive: it is called Xbox One S All Digital , has a 1TB internal hard drive and is sold in a bundle with three games included (obviously in digital version ) and the chance to get 1 month of Xbox Live Gold for free. A now obsolete version of the Xbox Series S.

Xbox One

Xbox One was born from Microsoft as a direct rival of PS4 and is now starting to be the most obsolete machine among Microsoft consoles. It features an AMD 8-core 1.75 GHz CPU (consisting of 2 Jaguar Quad-Core modules), 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, an internal hard drive of 500GB or 1TB and an AMD Radeon 853 MHz GCN GPU. It reads standard Blu-Ray in addition to DVDs and can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Includes 3 USB 3.0 ports and one S / PDIF audio output. It ensures backwards compatibility with over 100 Xbox 360 titles. On the market it comes in two versions: the 500GB and the 1TB version, plus a series of special editions that can change the appearance of the console and / or controllers.

Particularly noteworthy is the Elite edition which includes a mechanical hybrid drive and 1TB SSD (which however does not make any substantial changes to the gaming experience compared to the mechanical drive of the standard edition Xbox One) and a special controller that includes several parts. interchangeable. It still has very respectable hardware but, unless you find it at extremely affordable prices (perhaps “second hand”), it is better to turn to the higher models.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the oldest Microsoft home console, difficult to find on the market and to be recovered only for collectibles or for the retrogaming of some title, given that most of the Xbox 360 games have been remastered and are available on the next generation consoles. . It belongs to the seventh generation of consoles (the one that also includes Wii and PlayStation 3) and is equipped with a 3.2 GHz Tri-Core Xenon PowerPC processor, 512 MB of 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM and a 500 MHz ATI Xenos GPU. connect to the Internet even over Wi-Fi and includes a variable-sized hard drive to store video game data and more. It is available in two versions.

  • Xbox 360 Slimwhich is a revised and corrected version of the very first Xbox 360, thinner, more compact and black in color (in contrast to the typical white of the first model). It mounts 5 USB 2.0 ports and has an optical digital audio output.
  • Xbox 360 Stingray (also known as Xbox 360 “E”)is the latest revision of the console that comes with an aesthetic more similar to that of Xbox One, it has one less USB port (so it has 4 USB 2.0 ports) and has no optical digital audio output. Apart from that, it is identical to the Slim.

How to choose an Xbox

After this brief, but hopefully comprehensive, overview of the Xbox models available on the market, let me give you some “tips” on how to choose the console that best suits your needs. I assure you that this is a much simpler undertaking than you imagine.

Games, apps, subscriptions and online multiplayer

The availability of so many Xbox models may have caused you some confusion about the compatibility of the games but, fear not, in reality the situation is much more linear than you imagine.

Games for Xbox One are also compatible with Xbox One S,  Xbox and Xbox One X Series X / S . At the moment there are no exclusive titles for Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. The only differences may be in the quality of reproduction of the same game, which on the most powerful Xboxes (Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X) can be more fluid and can be played in better resolution than the original Xbox One. In the future, however, there will be several games exclusively for Xbox Series X / S that will not be supported by Xbox One and its two evolutions, such as Halo Infinite due out in 2021.

The titles for Xbox 360 , the older generation Xbox, are in principle only compatible with the latter, but many of them have been remastered in high definition and are available on the Xbox store and in the Game Pass subscription.

As for the entertainment and multimedia apps, don’t worry too much, as all Xbox models support Wi-Fi connectivity and ensure compatibility with some of the best video on-demand services, such as Netflix , Infinity and NOW TV . But also compatibility with major streaming services such as Twitch .

To play online, however, regardless of the console model purchased, it is necessary to subscribe to an Xbox Live Gold subscription from 6.99 euros / month. Xbox Live Gold membership also includes free Xbox One and Series X / S games and exclusive discounts on Xbox One titles. More info here .

A separate chapter, then, deserves  Game Pass , a subscription service that allows you to access a wide range of titles by paying a single subscription equal to 9.99 euros / month (with the first month at 1 euro). A sort of Netflix of video games, so to speak, always updated and full of titles which is the real strength of the Microsoft experience. To learn more, check out my dedicated tutorial and Xbox website .

Performance and resolution

As widely emphasized in the previous paragraphs of this tutorial, each Xbox model supports a different maximum resolution and guarantees more or less high performance according to its technical sector.

The latest generation of Microsoft consoles, led by Xbox Series X, supports native 4K UltraHD titles (without upscaling from other resolutions) and offers HDR support up to 8K. Xbox Series S, on the other hand, only hits 2K (1440p) without HDR.

The previous generation, which saw the base model Xbox One, supports games up to Full HD (1080p) resolution, Xbox One S upscales Full HD titles to 4K (2160p) resolution, while Xbox One X manages to native 4K titles and improves the fluidity of many titles that normally run at 1080p.

Which of the five console models to choose depends exclusively on your needs and the TV you have: if you have a Full HD or 4K TV I recommend the cheap Xbox Series S or opt for the even cheaper Xbox One (maybe second-hand ). Of course, if you don’t have any budget limits and want to play in maximum detail possible (and at maximum fluidity and speed) with HDR the best choice is Xbox Series X.

Xbox 360 remains ancient on this front as well, but you can comfortably play it on an HD TV as well.

Internal memory

Microsoft’s new generation is only available with a memory cut, so Xbox Series X has 1TB while Xbox Series S has 512GB. The other consoles instead offer more memory cuts: Xbox One is available in 500GB and 1TB denominations while Xbox One S and One X are available in 1TB and 2TB denominations. You can expand the internal memory of all models of Microsoft consoles by purchasing external hard drives .

Kinect support

The Kinect device , compatible with Xbox One or Xbox 360 is an add-on that allows the console to recognize the movements of the players and receive audio commands. It is not part of the new generation of Xbox Series S / X and already at the time of its release its usefulness was limited to a few titles. However, if you intend to buy the console for a “light” use (eg in dinners with friends or to entertain small children) or you are passionate about dance games and party games it could be useful. It’s up to you to evaluate.

There are also bundles that include Xbox 360 or Xbox One with Kinect, but not Xbox One S or Xbox One X which, as already mentioned above, have lost the port dedicated to Kinect (the accessory, however, can be connected to these models of console only via USB adapter).

Which Xbox to buy

Now I’d say we’re there! Let’s put all the chatter aside and see, together, what are the best Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox 360 models and bundles available in stores. Whatever your favorite videogame genre, I am convinced that you will find what is right for you. Happy reading and good “hunting” for the console!

Best Xbox Series X Deals

Xbox Series X

The latest generation of Microsoft consoles with the 1TB machine (with black shell), a wireless controller, the Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI cable and a power cable.

Best Xbox Series S deals

Xbox Series S

The reduced and all digital version of the next generation Microsoft console. Containing the machine (with white shell) and 512GB memory, a wireless controller, a vertical stand, the Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI cable and a power cable.

Best Xbox One X deals

Xbox One X 1TB

The standard version of Xbox One X containing the 1GB model of the console (in black color), a wireless controller, a vertical stand, an HDMI cable (certified for 4K), a power cable and a test code of 14 days of Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox One X 1TB + one game of your choice

One of the most complete Xbox One X bundles . Includes a black console with 1TB of internal memory, wireless controller, HDMI cable, power cable and the code to download a game of your choice between Shadow of Tomb Raider , Fallout 76 or PUBG Of course there is also the possibility of activating the Game Pass to access a boundless game store.


Microsoft Xbox One

See offer on Amazon


Best Xbox One S deals

Xbox One S 1TB All Digital

The All Digital version of Xbox One S (the one without optical drive) including Sea of ​​Thieves games, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and 1 month of Xbox Live Gold. Includes all accessories and standard cables and has 1TB of internal memory.

Xbox One S 1TB base or with Forza Horizon 4, Lego Speed ​​Champions, 1 Xbox Live Gold and 1 Month Game Pass

The basic version of Xbox One S with 1TB of internal memory . Includes white console, wireless controller (also white), two AA batteries, HDMI cable, console portrait orientation stand, power cord, and Xbox Live 14-day trial code Gold. Also available in the bundled version with two games recommended if you are passionate about racing: Forza Horizon 4 and Lego Speed ​​Champions. And the version with Forza Horizon 4 only. Both of these versions also offer one month of Xbox Live Gold and 1 month of Game Pass.


Xbox One – Xbox One S 1 TB, White

See offer on Amazon


If you prefer online multiplayer there is also the version with Fortnite and a month of Xbox Live included.


Xbox One S 1TB Fortnite, Pegi 12, Xbox One S Console, 4K UKTRA HD, HDR …

See offer on Amazon


Best Xbox One Deals

Xbox One 500GB + Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Bundle dedicated to those who love shooters. Includes a 500GB Xbox One in black, the game Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (The first Gears of War repurposed in 1080p with competitive multiplayer at 60 FPS, 19 maps and six game modes), wireless controller, HDMI cable and 14 Xbox Live trial days.


Xbox One + Gears of War – Ultimate Edition [Bundle]

See offer on Amazon


Best Xbox 360 Deals

Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB

The “smooth” version of the 250GB Xbox 360 Slim . Includes a black console, wireless controller, headset, composite cable, network cable, and 1 month Xbox Live Gold membership.


Xbox 360 – Console 250 GB, Black

See offer on Amazon


Xbox 360 Stingray 4GB

The basic version of the Xbox 360 Stingray in black color. It only has 4GB of internal memory, so it requires the use of external hard drives or keys for installing games. The basic equipment is always the same: wireless controller, headset, etc.

Learn more about Xbox

If some details are not clear to you and / or you want more information on the various Xbox models available on the market, consult the official website of the console , where you can find the complete list of specifications and features of all Xboxes, plus of the comprehensive comparison tables that illustrate the differences between the various models of the Microsoft console.




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