Where to Find Web Shooters in Fortnite

We’re all looking for Miles in this week’s special quests, which feature a lot of cool features from Spider-Verse, including favorite web shooters. Web shooters are a must if you want to quickly move around the map, climb high against enemies, or just look cool. They are personally one of my favorite items in Fortnite, right after the ODM gear. Here is all the information you need to gather it yourself by tracking down Spider-Gwen or collecting them in the world.

Places of the web shooter Fortnite

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Web shooters can sometimes be found as ground loot around various locations on the map. However, probably one of the best ways to make sure you add it to your inventory is to buy it from Spider-Gwen with some gold bars. This means you need to stock up on a few gold bars beforehand, but thankfully it doesn’t cost too much. You can find Gwen in Slappy Shore ; it can appear on any of the pinned markers on the map below. It costs 600 gold bars to buy web shooters from her.

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If you don’t have gold bars to trade, you can try to find them as ground loot. These locations may be random, but I’ve been lucky with these circled locations on the map above:

  • Slappy Shores
  • MEGA City
  • Citadel

These are just a few of the places you can look for web shooters. I was lucky to find them here as ground loot, but this is random, meaning you can find them in other places scattered around the map, so keep looking for those shiny gold loot.

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