When does the good end of Walmart begin and when does it end?

One of the marketing strategies most used by companies and commercial stores have been public events offering their products and services and unleashing a tide of discounts, offers and sales on credits that are almost irresistible for any buyer.

Many of these events have different names, but they all have the same goal . And that they take place just before Christmas makes them even more irresistible for buyers. In this way everyone benefits, both the buyer, by saving and the merchant by increasing their sales.

It depends on the country, they have a different duration, for example the good end in Mexico usually lasts four days , although it is subject to change. While Black Friday in the United States lasts only one day. Below we will give you more details about this fantastic commercial event.

What is the good end?

The Good End is a very popular and important commercial event that has been organized every year since 2011 in Mexico. This arose thanks to the idea of Black Friday or Black Friday celebrated in the United States. It consists of several companies and commercial stores offering their services and products with very attractive offers and discounts for customers. Including the possibility of buying on credit for months without interest.

All of this has become a highly anticipated kind of festival in Mexico as it offers unique opportunities to purchase products at an incredibly low price and also only happens once a year. The federal government and the Mexican business corporation joined in creating this event, not knowing that its success would be greater than their expectations.

Usually this event lasts for four days, unlike its inspiration, the American Black Friday, which only lasts one day. However, this duration is subject to changes that may be decided by banking institutions, private sector organizers, the business corporation, and the federal government.

All of this was developed in order to promote the exercise of the sale of the entire commercial sector of Mexico so that the consumer had the opportunity to acquire goods that he would not normally have been able to buy. Similarly, companies and stores would increase their sales and apart from this the unemployment rate would decrease before the end of the year.

The good end in Mexico and the irresistible end of Walmart

Because the good end is an event organized by multiple businesses, the Walmart company decided not to participate in the past year 2020. It has been two years since the event has not had the participation of Walmart .

This is because in 2019 the Walmart company decided to cut relations with organizations in the self-service sector. Therefore, it was declared that if anyone bought at Walmart, they could not be a participant in a sweepstakes in the self-service sector where they could win all your purchases for free.

However, these were not far behind with the strategies to increase their sales . In this case, he created what is now called the irresistible end of Walmart . An event of offers and discounts very similar to the good end, only that only Walmart chain stores participate in it. The first of these events took place in 2019 and continued in 2020.

When does the good end of Walmart in Mexico begin and when does it end?

Since 2019 Walmart stopped participating in the public trade event originated by the federal government and the private sector due to the cut off of relations with the self-service sector. Since then he created his own event where, in the same way, he annually offers numerous offers and discounts on all his products.

This strategy to increase sales consists of offering its best prices to all its customers during a defined time established by Walmart itself. In 2019 it lasted five days in which it did take the opportunity to launch its best offers to consumers. And in the past year 2020 it was extended to a duration of twelve days.


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