What is the temperament of the French bulldog?

The popularity of the French bulldog is enormous. His physical appearance is one of his most outstanding characteristics, since he is small in size but quite strong. He has very large ears and a flat face that makes him a charming dog for many people, but it is also important to know in depth the fundamental aspects of his temperament.

And it is that to adopt a French bulldog you must know everything about this breed, that is, the basic needs to be satisfied by the dog. In this sense, it is important to know the fundamental traits of their behavior so that you are not surprised by their actions. To discover what the temperament of the French bulldog is like and the characteristics of its behavior, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

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  1. french bulldog goodness
  2. French Bulldog Socialization
  3. The French bulldog, an excellent life companion
  4. French Bulldog Moderate Activity

french bulldog goodness

It is a wonderful dog: very playful, friendly, affectionate and sociable . Although calmer and more nervous specimens can be found in the same breed, even with aggressive reactions and quite a lot of barking, in general the French bulldog is an affectionate and cheerful little furry dog.

They are also stubborn dogs, so it is important to educate them so that they understand basic notions of behavior. Although it may seem otherwise due to their small size, they are good watchdogs: they are always attentive to noises. If you adopt this dog, it will be the first to notify you in any circumstance.

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French Bulldog Socialization

The French bulldog is a dog with great ease in socializing with humans . It also tends to interact naturally and without problems with other dogs and even with other animals , so living together at home is easy if you have other pets.

His relationship with children of all ages, in general, is fantastic due to his character, since he is a very happy and playful dog. Even so, they are almost as demanding of affection and attention as children, so it is important to pay attention to them so that they do not become jealous or destabilized so that they continue to have a good relationship with everyone and are well.

Despite the ease by nature of the French bulldog to socialize, it is advisable to start this process as soon as possible upon arrival at home. Therefore, if you want to adopt a puppy of this breed, try to get him to interact with other people, dogs and even animals, observing his behavior at all times to guide him with good training. In addition, in this way you will prevent it from being an excessively shy dog ​​or with problems to relate in adulthood.

Any dog ​​that is socialized from puppyhood will facilitate a good development of coexistence, without serious incidents. In the case of the French bulldog the same thing happens, hence the importance of relating it as soon as possible with more people and dogs. It will be your responsibility to learn to socialize, having patience and the necessary respect towards your furry little one to complete the process.

The French bulldog, an excellent life companion

In general, it is a dog with a high need to be accompanied throughout the day. In fact, he is susceptible to separation anxiety easily as soon as he spends a few hours alone at home if he has not been properly used to it. All dogs require affection, company and games, but the French bulldog tends to develop dependence on his family, including humans and other pets with whom he lives.

In the event that you leave him alone for a long time, he can develop a negative behavior. It will be useless to isolate him in a room, rather the opposite: it will be counterproductive. Try to leave him with a companion if you are going to spend many hours away from home so that your absence does not suffer excessively.

You must take into account the French bulldog’s propensity to develop dependency on family company. You have to be willing to facilitate a good adaptation, a good education and good socialization , which includes learning to be alone for a few hours without having a bad time and you have to do it in a positive way.

Before adopting it, reflect on whether your pace of life is compatible with the care it needs to determine the convenience of its arrival at home. If you have children and enough time to take care of him, this furry little guy will be the best companion for both you and the little ones in the house. In just a few days, he will become a member of the family.

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French Bulldog Moderate Activity

The French bulldog is a breed that does not require much exercise . Intense activity is discouraged in this dog due to the respiratory difficulties it presents. For this reason, it adapts perfectly to urban life and is a good companion in flats or small apartments.

However, just because you need little exercise to stay in good physical and mental health doesn’t mean you should be cooped up at home or in a yard constantly. It is essential to go for a walk with him 2 or 3 times a day, with walks of approximately 15 to 20 minutes, at least . In this way, and by controlling the food portions, the usual overweight problems in this breed are avoided.

An essential factor that you must take into consideration when walking with your furry friend is the environmental temperature: on days of extreme heat, avoid going out at times of maximum temperature to prevent your French bulldog from suffering heat stroke .


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