What is really a psychologist?

psychologist is a qualified professional who has received formal university training in Psychology (Bachelor of Psychology). Psychology is the science that studies human behavior, understanding within this concept issues related to learning, thought processes, emotions, behaviors, both in their normal development and in the different disorders or problems of thought, emotions and the behavior. That is, Scientific Psychology has explanatory models of normal behavior and disorders and adequate techniques for the evaluation, criteria for diagnosis and establishment of problem behaviors and treatment objectives, as well as effective techniques for intervention in the different problems.

The cognitive-behavioral psychologist is, in addition, an educator and a coach of coping skills , with which it is intended, not only to solve current disorders and problems, but to train the person for relapse prevention , so that learning it is maintained over time.

The psychologist listens attentively to the client and works with him, session by session. However, the psychologist is not a mere “confessor”; The treatment implies an active attitude on the part of the client , carrying out the tasks at home that the psychologist proposes between sessions. The favorable course of treatment depends to a large extent on this .


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