What is MDF-e

The MDFe or Electronic Manifesto of Tax Documents is a digital document that came to replace the “Cargo Manifesto Model 25”. This document must be issued nationwide, by all companies that provide transport services with more than one Ct-e, or even by companies that operate transport with the vehicle itself, which carries more than one invoice .
The main purposes of MDF-e are:

• Facilitate and streamline work at inspection posts;
• Allow the identification of the person responsible for transportation at each section during the journey;
• Consolidate information about cargo covered by several CT-e or NF-e transported in the same cargo vehicle;
• Register changes / replacements for transport or cargo units and their drivers;
• Record the beginning and end of each transport operation, and allow tracking of the physical circulation of the cargo;
• Provide greater agility to batch registration of tax documents that are being transported;
To issue MDFe, the company must take the following measures:
• The company must be accredited as a CTe or NFe Issuer with SEFAZ (State Finance Department) in your state; (Your accountant will be able to make this request)
• Purchase a Digital Certificate (which will be used to give legal validity to the electronic document, since there is no more form with AIDF). If you have questions about Digital Certification, see this other post on our Blog, which deals with the subject: Answers to 5 common questions about digital certificate.
• Hire an Electronic Tax Document Manifest (MDFe) Issuing Software: Once you have been accredited by SEFAZ in your state, and in possession of the Digital Certificate, you can hire a specific system for issuing the MDF-e.

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