What is Ethinylestradiol?

Ethinyl estradiol is used as contraception (including emergency), in trattameto of severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause (hot flashes, night sweats), l’ feminine hypogonadism (insufficient production of hormones), in breast cancer and as a palliative treatment (relieves pain) in case of prostate cancer .

What is Ethinylestradiol?

Ethinylestradiol is a semi-synthetic hormone (derived from natural estrogens) that acts like estrogens. By interacting with the receptors of these hormones, it increases the creation of different proteins in the liver and blocks the FSH hormone, thus reducing the secretion of the hormone GnRH.

How is Ethinylestradiol taken?

In general, Ethinylestradiol is administered in the form of tablets in which they are added to other active ingredients.

Side effects of Ethinylestradiol

Possible side effects of Ethinylestradiol include:

  • chloasma, melasma (irregular brown patches on the skin);
  • nausea ;
  • He retched;
  • water retention;
  • mastodynia (pain in the breasts);
  • changes in sexual desire;
  • abnormal vaginal discharge
  • blood hypercoagulability;
  • liver problems (rare);
  • worsening of a pre-existing porphyria;
  • migraine;
  • dizziness ;
  • depression;
  • nuisance in the use of contact lenses;
  • alteration of the curvature of the cornea;
  • fibrocystic breast.

Warnings on the use of Ethinylestradiol

Before taking Ethinylestradiol it is important to tell your doctor:

  • any allergies to this drug and any other medicines;
  • of the other medicines, phytotherapics and supplements that you are taking, in particular Acenocoumarol, Aminophylline, Amobarbital, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Amprenavir, Anisindione, Apripitant, Aprobarbital. Artemether, Azlocillina, Aztreonam, Bacampicillina, Bendamustina, Bosentan, Butabarbital, Butalbital, Butobarbital, Carbamazepina, Clavulanate, Cloxacillina, Colesevelam, Ciclosporina, Demeclociclina, Dicloxacillina, Dicumarbitoxycombin, Edoxyclucine, Edoxyclucine, Doxycyclocylobuline, Doxycyclocylobulin, Doxycyclocylobulin. Ketoconazole, Lamotrigine, Mefenitoina, Metaciclina, Metoexital, Metilfenobarbital, Meticillina, Mezlocillina, Minociclina, Modafinil, Nafcillina, Nelfinavir, Oxacillina, Oxcarbazepina, Oxtrifillina, Oxitetraciclina, Pentobariperbitalin, Pentobariperbital
  • in case you suffer (or have suffered) from particular diseases or health problems;
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding .

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