What Is Enflurane Medicine

Enflurane is a medicine known commercially as Etrane.This medication is an inhaled anesthetic that acts on the nerves and is widely used in surgery.Use of Enflurane may cause a sense of mental confusion up to 3 days after use.

Indications of Enflurane

General anesthesia (induction and maintenance); Caesarean deliveries.

Enflurane Side Effects

Increased blood loss during childbirth; chills; yellowish color on skin and eyes; liver dysfunction; breathing problems; drop in blood pressure; hiccup; Vomit.

Enflurane Contraindications

Pregnancy risk B ; lactating women; patients who have had unexplained jaundice or fever after anesthesia with this product or other anesthetics.

How to use Enflurane

  • Enflurane use is restricted to hospitals. To maintain surgical levels of anesthesia, concentrations of 0.5 to 3% Enflurane may be used.

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