What is Diplomacy

Diplomacy consists of the civilized and peaceful action of relating to different groups, nations or societies. It represents a typical instrument of the countries’ foreign policy, which focuses on keeping relations between the different sovereign states balanced.

Diplomacy is the way in which civilized nations deal with their antagonisms, seeking to resolve differences without the use of violence or offenses. Acting diplomatically means having respect for others , knowing how to deal peacefully in different situations and behaviors.

The objective of diplomacy is to maintain a healthy relationship between the various social groups, making sure that the particularities and interests of each are defended and represented.

The individual who acts diplomatically is called a diplomat , a person whose mission is to represent the interests of a particular group or nation before others, in a peaceful and conciliatory way.

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Diplomacy can also be seen as a science that studies the international relations of a state abroad.

The figurative meaning of the word diplomacy is the ability of a person to conduct interpersonal relationships and to resolve personal conflicts.

Synonyms of diplomacy

Some of the main synonyms for diplomacy are: cunning; cunning; delicacy; education; fineness; circumspection; weighting; common sense; shrewdness; fineness; abiliity; fact; and politics.


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