What Is Culture All About;Definition With Great Examples

What Is Culture Is All About?Culture is the set of traditions, beliefs and customs of a particular social group.It is behavior of people which includes their knowledge, experiences, attitudes, values, beliefs, religion, hierarchy, and spatial relationships.

It can also be defined as behavior through social learning . This dynamic makes culture a powerful tool for human survival and has become the central focus of anthropology since the studies of the British Edward Tylor (1832-1917). According to him:

” Culture is all that complex which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morality, law, customs and all other habits and capacities acquired by man as a member of society”.

Each country has its own culture, which is influenced by several factors.Anthropology believes that culture, is a trait of human nature. We all tend to communicate, to social interaction and to community life. So we are surrounded by cultural.

What Is Culture, Being A Anthropology Student You Must Know About It

Culture Features

  • It has a symbolic character
  • Set of knowledgees, behaviors and ways of doing
  • Acquired through the social relations of a group
  • Transmitted to later generations

Elements of Culture

Associated with material and spiritual values, the elements of culture are:

  • Elements of Culture Material : represents buildings, for example, museums, works of art, clothing, etc.
  • Elements of Intangible Culture : represents the shared knowledge and values ​​among the members of a society.

Popular culture

Popular culture is something created by a certain people.It can be represented by literature, music, art, dance and etc. Popular culture is influenced by the beliefs of the people of certain regions.

Culture in Philosophy

According to philosophy, culture is the set of human manifestations that contrast with nature or natural behavior.It is an attitude of personal and coherent interpretation of reality. Culture always involves a global requirement and a satisfactory justification in the part of people life.

Types of Culture

Mass Culture

Mass culture is the set of ideas and values ​​that develops  from the same media, news, music or art. It is transmitted without regard to local or regional specification.Mass culture is used to promote consumerism among individuals.

Body Culture

Body culture analyzes the behavior of humans in their most diverse groups. It does practices related to movement, such as dances, games, activities, medicine, sexual behavior and festivities.

Organizational culture

The organizational culture , also called “corporate culture”. It brings together a number of elements associated with the values, mission and behavior of a particular organization.Within the context of globalization and marketing studies, this type of culture has created patterns of action and motivation in a company.

Culture and difference

Norms and values ​​have great variations in the different cultures . In some cultures, as in Japan, the value of education is so strong,For example,  failure in school exams is seen as a massive shame for the student’s family. There is, then, the norm says that, having good academic performance is one of the most important tasks of a young Japanese.

Even within a society there may be cultural differences . Some groups, or people, may have strong values ​​based on religious beliefs, while others prefer the logic of scientific progress for to understand the world. Cultural diversity is a fact in our globalized reality, where the link between what we consider familiar and what we consider strange is common. Different ideas, behavior,  foreign languages ​​and cooking are the common part of culture in every country. Cultures have become so commonplace in our daily life.

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