What Is Anemia

Anemia is characterized by a decrease in the number of cells that carry oxygen – red blood cells and / or by a decrease in a molecule that exists inside these cells and that is responsible for fixing and transporting oxygen. This molecule is called hemoglobin. Oxygen is transported to all tissues in our body and supplied to them to maintain their basic functions.

The pregnancy is a situation which may facilitate the onset or the aggravation of anemia, but it is a benign condition that does not cause defects to the fetus.In any case, it is essential to understand what is at the origin of anemia, as it can be resolved with an adequate diet with foods rich in iron or reinforce the intake of some nutrients that are missing.

Usually the diagnosis is made through blood tests (blood count).

Given the frequency with which it can occur, it is important to prevent this from happening, by monitoring hemoglobin levels and taking iron supplements, especially from 15-16 weeks of pregnancy.Anemia of pregnancy, if it is not a very serious situation, can even be asymptomatic (without symptoms) or be masked by other symptoms that the pregnant woman has, namely the feeling of sleep or easy tiredness. However, there are severe cases that require hospitalization for more aggressive treatment – intravenously – with iron compounds. Women who have already had anemia in a previous pregnancy should keep a closer watch.

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