What Is Aerophagia

Aerophagia is a condition characterized by involuntary and excessive swallowing of air that accumulates in the stomach, giving rise to uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. Aerophagia can be chronic or acute and can be related to physical and psychological factors.


Aerophagia can be caused by eating too fast (shorthand), by eating foods that increase gas production (beans, grain, chestnuts, asparagus, broccoli, onions, milk) or by the presence of bacteria in the intestine (in this case, giving rise to aerocolia).

Aerophagia is quite common in infants, causing eructations, often accompanied by regurgitated foods, often mistaken for vomiting.


  • abdominal distension
  • swelling
  • belch
  • flatulence


Since aerophagia has symptoms similar to those of other clinical conditions, such as gastric reflux, food allergies or intestinal imbalances, the doctor must evaluate and rule out these hypotheses.


While Aerocolia can be treated using some medications, Aerophagy presupposes the alteration of some daily habits:

  • Eat slow
  • Chew your food well
  • Avoid talking while eating
  • Eating with your mouth closed
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks
  • Avoid foods that cause gases

Some experts also recommend speech therapy for better control of breathing while speaking, in order to solve the problem.

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