Life and death in the physical world is a cycle, according to which one is born, whose death is certain. But there are some cases when a person dies prematurely, that is, in case of an unnatural death in an accident, the human body is post mortem , following some legal rule , which is the health Is done by the department. Post mortem i.e. Autopsy (postmortem) report is done in the district hospital of the related incident. This is a legal process, because if there is a criminal in a related incident, it helps in finding it. If you also want to know about it, then information about it is being provided here.


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Table of Contents

  1. Is there a post mortem
  2. Whether there should be family approval for post mortem
  3. Why is a post mortem done?
  4. Who does the post mortem?
  5. Post mortem is necessary in these cases

The post mortem is made up of two words which when viewed separately means Post means after and Mortem has been linked to death. That is, Postmortem is done only after the person dies. If seen, it is also a type of surgery ie surgery. Post -mortem has also been given different names like autopsy or post-mortem examination .

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The answer to the kin approval for the post-mortem is “yes”. Let us know from this information that the post-mortem can not be done by the medical department as per the choice, it can be done in judicial matters. Apart from this, in other cases it is necessary to get approval from the family first. Or it can be a close relative of the family or a person who knows someone. Only after this postmortem is done.

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The process of postmortem occurs because it can easily determine the cause of death. Besides, most of the family members do not undergo post mortem of their dead body after death under normal circumstances. Apart from this, postmortem process has been made mandatory in suspicious circumstances. So that there is no hindrance in further legal and judicial process.



Doing a post-mortem is not an easy task, it is done by a pathologist rather than a normal doctor . In Hindi, he is also known by the name “pathologist” . Although it is an ordinary doctor, but he is mature in this kind of work. An assistant is also hired to assist him. During this process, it is the responsibility of the body to dissect them. They assist the doctor in making a report after performing his work.

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The post-mortem report is of paramount importance in any criminal case. It is through the postmortem report that the police know the cause of death. In this, the deceased has been killed by giving poison or it is known that his death was due to assault or other reason. According to all the evidence reports related to the deceased, it helps to have favor in the court.

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Here you have provided information about the post-mortem. If you are satisfied with this information, or want to get other information related to it, then you can comment and give your suggestion, your response will be answered soon


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