What is a broadleaf herbicide?

The months of October and November are a good time to control broadleaf weeds. This has its raison d’etre, since carbohydrates are stored in them (in the root system) and are much more susceptible to the application of a good herbicide.

There are many different types of herbicides that can be used, including even the most common triple-control mixtures to kill weeds on broad leaves. When we are going to apply the pesticide, it will be crucial to wear the appropriate clothing and follow the stipulated instructions.

Herbicides should only be used as a control tool for weeds. It is convenient not to go over with your application.

If you are looking for a good broadleaf herbicide , we give you two interesting proposals.

LongBow grass selective herbicide

The Longbow Bayer herbicide is designed for all types of lawn grasses. A good option to protect the garden from weeds, but at the same time it will respect the structure.

It should be applied under conditions of active weed growth (between April-September), or when it is detected that the foliage has developed correctly. It will be applied once a year in normal spray format (using spray backpack).

It achieves high performance per square meter (with 250ml we can spray up to 500m ^ 2), it has a safety lock for children and includes dosifiador.

Herbiclean Herbiclean Al

The Herbiclean A’s is a herbicide broad leaf natural that can be ready to face any emergency. A good resource both for outdoor gardening, and for family gardens.

After application, the effects will occur in about 6 hours, although we will not have results until 8 weeks later.

It is considered a good solution against mono and dicoltiledóneas weeds.

Some tips to apply a broadleaf herbicide

 Always apply herbicides on a sunny day. In addition, it is not recommended to apply it if there have been rains in the previous 24 hours. The idea is that the herbicide completely dries the surface of the leaf, and high humidity conditions will prevent this from happening.

-Make sure the grass is growing. If it is in the sleeping phase , the application of herbicides will be little or not at all effective. Cold weather and punctual rains can ensure growth in your area, although this will not always be the case.

-Be careful with the application of a broadleaf herbicide in areas that are surrounded by flower plantations.

-The great advantage of using this type of product is that we will not have to be watching at all times how weeds die. You may not see the results immediately but, as long as the herbicide has been applied correctly, it will not be there for the next year or, at least, the number will have been reduced considerably.


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